The Priv is BlackBerry’s most successful smartphone in a while, so its not surprising that the company is moving on with its worldwide roll out plans for the device at a fast pace.

Just last week, the company announced that the Priv would become available in Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines as from mid-December. BlackBerry devices are extremely popular in Asia, so it makes sense to get the Priv out there on the Asian market as quickly as possible.

However, the company has also been working hard on increasing the Priv’s availability in North America.

To date, the BlackBerry Priv was available via the official ShopBlackBerry store as well as select retailers, including Best Buy and office supplies giant Staples. And as from today, it’ll be more widely available than ever.

You can now get your hands on the Priv via Walmart, the world’s largest retailer. The move is sure to increase the Priv’s North American distribution exponentially.

The BlackBerry Priv is now available on Walmart
The BlackBerry Priv is now available on Walmart


Availability and price

You can snag your brand new Priv from Walmart’s online store and have it shipped to your home. Alternatively, you can have the phone shipped to your nearest Walmart store for collection.

The model on Walmart’s website is the same factory unlocked STV-1001 that’s available on the ShopBlackberry website, and it features the Android 5.1 (Lollipop) operating system.

Unfortunately, those looking to snag a bargain will be disappointed, as Walmart has priced the Priv at $699.99 despite being the largest discount retail store around. This makes it $0.99 cheaper to buy from the official store.

Of course, there’s always a chance that the price might drop after the holidays, but Walmart has kept mum so far.