Financial institutions transitioning to the Android or iOS face a BlackBerry migration challenge since their SMS communication would no more be recorded. To overcome this, Truphone who is the first mobile network in the world and a major supplier for mobile recording that meets regulatory stipulations has now launched its new solution which provides SMS recording on all types of devices. According to Truphone, the solution has already been implemented by one of the Tier1 investment banks in the US across the bank’s global operations.

Truphone solution squarely addresses BlackBerry migration challenge for banks

The new solution offered by Truphone will seamlessly and securely capture and deliver SMSs to the existing message archive of customers or the secure global cloud of Truphone wherever the user is located. Ralph Steffens, the CEO of Truphone also added that the new solution offered by the company delivers precisely what the bank needs to meet BlackBerry migration challenge.

SMS recording compliance is scalable

To ensure that compliant recording is uninterrupted, Truphone has also integrated the compliance messaging repository of the bank which was provided by Actiance. With the combined solution, the impact while migrating to new devices is minimal. The global platform now available to the Bank is secure and can achieve scalable compliance for SMS recording.

Shared data plans

Additionally, the bank has also deployed Mobile Voice Recording from Truphone which brings shared data plans to meet the increased data usage consequent to a smartphone migration like this. This will also include cost savings on global roaming rates, shared air-time, and global support under a single agreement. Extensive coverage that Truphone enjoys in Europe also helps in meeting MiFID II legislation on a mobile recording that would come into force on January 3, 2018.

SMS recording was inbuilt with BlackBerry

Truphone added further that its mobile recording solutions are already being used by 9 largest investment banks in the world. Historically, SMS recording came as a default component with BlackBerry devices and the feature is not available on Android or iOS devices. For customers wanting to migrate from BlackBerry to the Android or the iOS environment, therefore, the Truphone services will ensure continuity of their vital messaging services and thus help maintain status quo.