It has been a long wait for the BlackBerry Mercury though there have been numerous leaked information on the specification, release date and what it could look like. Thankfully, all the guess work is about to end according to a leaked invite (again), this much-awaited gadget is set to be released on 25th February at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

BlackBerry Mercury – media receives invites

Invitations have already gone out to the media asking them to reserve the date for a first look at BlackBerry Mercury. The invite further adds that all details of the device will be revealed on the 25th February at an event starting 7 pm CET or 6 PM GMT in Barcelona. Significant hype has been built up around BlackBerry Mercury, and it is expected that the device will provide BlackBerry with the much needed vital head-start for the brand to claw back to big times.

BlackBerry Mercury – Saturday event may be advantageous to BlackBerry

Sunday falling just before the big show at MWC was chosen in the past by many big names in smartphones to reveal their flagship products and Samsung S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 were notable among these. BlackBerry choosing Saturday to make the big announcement is therefore seen as a smart move away from the tradition. Many big launches are also expected during the MWC 2017 though Samsung’s participation will be on a low key.

BlackBerry Mercury – most details still under wrap

While details of the device continue to remain under wrap, the pictures we have seen do bear a striking resemblance to what has seen of BlackBerry Mercury till date. This new flagship Android smartphone from BlackBerry also briefly appeared in Las Vegas during the CES 2017 in January 2017. Media outlets, however, got a hands-on chance with the Mercury though the details were not revealed to them. We need to wait till the 25th evening for the official name for the device too. However, the iconic QWERTY keyboard associated with BlackBerry can certainly be expected to be part of the new device.