BlackBerry Mercury is already getting rave reviews from many quarters, particularly after the CES 2017, where TCL, the BB license holder previewed the latest BlackBerry branded smartphone.

Xperia Z5 may face a threat from BlackBerry Mercury

The BlackBerry Mercury is arriving with the traditional physical keyboard and rare features including its compact size among other Android phones. The Mercury is expected to pack many other unique features making it the perfect Android phone for folks looking for options other than the mainstream Apple or Samsung. These folks would usually turn to Xperia from Sony, though Sony enjoys its own share of the mainstream audience. But, BlackBerry Mercury now brings an all-new option for potential customers. It is expected that this shift in preference could create a dent on Sony Xperia.

Revolution in Chinese smartphone market – BlackBerry Mercury may cash in

The homeland of TCL, BlackBerry’s licensing partner is already witnessing a revolution of sorts in the smartphone market with Nokia, another comeback candidate in the smartphone space having garnered astounding sales in two flash sales conducted recently for its Nokia 6 smartphone. The stocks were entirely sold out in both the flash sales making HMD Global and Nokia sit up and take stock of ways to meet the demand on Chinese soil before taking this sought after offering to other parts of the world.

BlackBerry Mercury may top the comeback list at the MWC 2017

BlackBerry Mercury is scheduled to be launched at the MWC 2017 in the coming month and most BlackBerry fans are expecting Mercury to cement BB’s place in the smartphone space. Though Nokia chose to launch its offering ahead of the big event, no such plans have yet been revealed by BlackBerry. Apart from Mercury, BlackBerry is expected to unveil a couple of other smartphones too, during the upcoming MWC.