BlackBerry CEO John Chen sat down with Bloomberg to talk about his latest trip to China which saw him meeting up with execs from Lenovo, HTC, and Xiaomi.

Among the typical things we’re used to hearing Chen talk about, he was asked about returning to the consumer space, and whether or not that was a necessity. BlackBerry’s CEO is confident that security, and enterprise is enough for now to keep the company growing, as it’s “a highly productive area for us.” He did note that once they’re in a comfortable position, you could see BlackBerry make a run at the consumer market again, adding, “Never say never.”

In terms of the China trip, Chen mentions he’s there specifically to see “what opportunities” are available for BlackBerry there. Nothing is done or concrete. The CEO adds how competitive the Chinese market is and how it’s an area he wishes BlackBerry would focus on, but understands the challenges of doing so.

Make sure you check out the interview above, and let us know what you think about Chen’s latest comments about the Chinese market going forward for BlackBerry. Should they be taking a plunge into that ultra competitive space?