It looks like Android is looming larger than ever in BlackBerry’s future.

But does this spell the end for the BlackBerry native operating system, the BB10?

CEO John Chen spent his 2015 dodging questions about the BB10’s future. Whilst he hasn’t said outright that the BB10 would be abandoned, he’s also refused to commit to new BB10 devices, saying that the decision would be “dictated by business choices“.

And yet, it seems that Chen’s ideas on the subject are far clearer than he’s letting on.

In an interview yesterday at CES in Las Vegas, Chen confirmed the company will be releasing a new device this year (most probably the BlackBerry Vienna). He also hinted at the possibility of a second device, also to be released this year.

More importantly, however, he confirmed that both devices will run on the Android platform.

So what does this mean for the BB10?

Do BlackBerry’s plans for 2016 spell the end for BB10?

BlackBerry News BB10 AndroidThe ever mysterious Chen refused to confirm whether BB10 will be discontinued, of course. But the lack any new BB10 products in the pipeline and plans for two new Android products mean that the future doesn’t look too bright for the company’s native operating system.

The Android-based Priv, whilst controversial, is on track to become the company’s most successful smartphone in years. Now that BlackBerry’s tasted renewed success and a surge in popularity, it may be hard to go back to the BB10, despite the protests of the operating system’s hardcore fans.

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