A BlackBerry beta update for the Android-powered DTEK series of smartphones has been issued. The update is designated as AAH990 and AA1039 respectively for DTEK 50 and DTEK 60 and represents security fixes related to the Android OS. These updates are available to users via the settings provided you have enrolled in BlackBerry’s Beta program

No fresh BlackBerry beta update for Priv users

As for owners of BlackBerry Priv, there are no fresh updates this final update designated AAH995 with a security patch for December has already been rolled out. Though the PRIV update stated that it would occupy about 98MB, the announcement adds that the space occupied could vary based on the build of the device.

BlackBerry beta update – overcoming accessibility

The report also adds that the beta version may not appear in some instances. To overcome this, users have to just dial *#*#CHECKIN#*#* and the update will be available for download. Earlier, in October, when GSMArena reported the Priv update was said to weigh about 157MB and at that time, AT&T users were on firmware version with the code AAG873. Conversely, other units had a different update under AAG853 which included the security patches issued for October.

More BlackBerry phones may come through licensing arrangements

It was only recently that BlackBerry transitioned to the Android platform after dominating the mobile phone markets with its phones sporting the physical keyboard. However, with the evolution of technology, Samsung, Apple and other brands pushed BlackBerry behind. Today, even after adopting Android, BlackBerry is now moving out of making its own handsets and mobile hardware. However, avid BlackBerry fans may continue to enjoy the brand with new releases coming under licensing arrangement with third party vendors.

BlackBerry’s entry into the Automotive sector

BlackBerry has already entered a deal with Ford motors for supply of QNX software and other related software services for connected cars. John Chen, the new BlackBerry CEO is confident that the entry into the automotive segment will change the fortunes of BlackBerry. However, other mobile phone makers like Samsung and Apple are keenly pursuing their chances in this juicy market. How BlackBerry handles the potential competition and cements its place in the automotive sector will have a significant impact on the fortunes of BlackBerry in the days to come.