A new update for BlackBerry 10 Android runtime is now available that fixes a bug that caused incomplete un-installation of Android apps.

If you remember, BlackBerry released a new Android Runtime environment for BB 10, which allowed users to run Android apps on their devices. This was before the fully Android running BlackBerry PRIV, before BlackBerry decided to take the Android route.

Android Runtime was basically an attempt by BlackBerry to make users from jumping ship to Android. All Android apps didn’t work, but the most basic and some popular ones such as Instagram, did work.

BlackBerry released a new software update for BB 10 running devices last month, which brought the version up to However, this update introduced a new bug that stopped BB 10 users from uninstalling Android apps from their devices. Upon removing an app, the icon would disappear from the homescreen, but the app would still be on the phone.

Now, BlackBerry has released an updated to BlackBerry 10 Android runtime, that is available via the source link. To install the fix, you will need to open the link on your BB 10 device via the BlackBerry browser. Also, the browser shouldn’t be allowed to open the link in Desktop mode.

After updating the Android Runtime, restart your BB 10 device. You should now be able to completely remove unwanted Android apps from your BlackBerry. If you’re not facing any issue with the Android Runtime, it is not recommended to install this update.

Download BlackBerry 10 Android Runtime Update