So far in series nine The Big Bang Theory has thrown us a few curveballs. The breakup of the ‘Shamy’ but even more so the reveal that Sheldon was planning to propose to Amy. Since then Sheldon has been struggling to get over the breakup, including bearing his heart (and the engagement ring) when interviewed by Will Wheaton on his Star Trek documentary.

In the last episode of nerd based comedy The Bing Bang Theory, ‘The Platonic Permutation’ Sheldon and Amy visited an aquarium together whilst the other members of the group fed the homeless thanksgiving dinner, aside from Penny and Leonard who have thanksgiving dinner together.

In the upcoming episode, ‘The Earworm Reverberation’, Amy continues to date Dave (British actor Steve Merchant) and invites him to her apartment. The rumours surrounding the episode suggest that Amy and Sheldon will reunite in this episode, with Amy dumping Dave after discovering he is actually obsessed with Sheldon.

Sheldon spends the episode driving Penny and Leonard crazy by humming a tune he cannot get out of his head. When he realises the song is a ‘Beach Boys’ song he also realises that the lyrics make him realise how important Amy is to him. Armed with this realisation he goes after Amy. Sheldon interrupts Amy and Dave trying to share a kiss. After Dave displays his admiration of Sheldon by explaining his ‘Amy is the Earthworm in his heart’ comment by stating it is Sheldon’s way of telling Amy he loves her, ‘Shamy’ share a passionate kiss and rekindle their relationship.

This episode also marks the four year anniversary of the episode ‘The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition’, in which Sheldon asked Amy to be his girlfriend.

Where will The Big Bang Theory episode eleven take Sheldon and Amy? Will they finally consummate their relationship?

The Earworm Reverberation will air on the 10th December.