Nintendo’s newest game, Pokemon GO, is a global phenomena, but there are some fake Pokemon GO malware versions that you need to avoid.

Because the game isn’t available in all regions yet, eager users are trying to get the game by any means possible. This includes downloading unsigned apks from unknown sources. This is bad, as a hacker can easily inject a worm into the Pokemon GO app and gain access to your private information.

There are several such apps out there, which take control of your smartphone. The hacker can now gain access to your account details, passwords, credit card details, and more.

If you’re in a hurry to download the Pokemon GO app, then you need to make sure that you don’t download one of the malware injected apps.

Pokemon GO Malware App

According to the folks who discovered the malware, the infected Pokemon GO apps were uploaded to various websites as references in how to guides, etc. These contain a malware known as DroidJack or SandroRAT. If you were to click on this link and download the malicious file, your smartphone would be infected immediately.

iOS users won’t have to worry, as the infected game has only spread on to the Google Play Store. The game asks for several unwanted permissions, and a layman would grant it without thinking twice.

There’s no way to tell the difference between the infected and non-infected game from playing it. You’ll have to open the App Permissions of the game to find out.


As you can see from the above image, all the marked permissions point to a Pokemon GO malware app. Here’s how to do go the Apps permissions and find out if your smartphone is infected.

Launch the Settings app and head over to Apps>Pokemon GO and then scroll down to Permissions. Now check to see if you have any of the above marked permissions granted. If you do, you need to delete the game right away.

Pokemon GO has become an overnight sensation, but you’ll need to be careful when downloading the APK from unknown sources. It is better late than sorry. The game is currently rolling out to several new regions, so have some patience, you’ll get your chance.