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For the first time in this site’s history I’m giving a perfect review! The JT Proflex thermal paintball mask is widely known for being the best possible mask on the market. Every user of this mask swears by it, and I’m sure you will too! The JT Proflex is an all around excellent mask that gives everything a player is looking for and more when looking to buy a mask. This highly customizable, extremely comfortable, and lightweight mask has become well known for being the first recommendation every player is given when looking to pick up a new mask, and you know what they say “buy nice or buy twice!”

JT Proflex Thermal Paintball Masks Red, Grey, Green. White, Black
JT Proflex Thermal Paintball Masks in Red/Grey, Green/Grey, and Black/White

Overall Rating – 5/5



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While the JT Proflex isn’t known for being the best looking paintball mask, it can still be made into a looker if you’re really interested in making your mask a piece of art. JT as with many of their previous masks, have allowed for this mask to be fully customizable. Don’t like the color of your goggles? Take them out and put in something else! Prefer hard ear covers over soft ears? No issue, go ahead and change it. Every piece on this mask can be swapped out for a different color or option making it your very own unique paintball mask. The amount of things you can change on the JT Proflex thermal paintball mask is incredible, I’ve formed a small list just to give you guys some ideas: Straps, ear covers, goggle frames, bottoms, mask wraps, and lenses. To give you guys some inspirational ideas of what you can do to this mask here’s a great couple of customized Proflex’s I found online:

[envira-gallery id=”322″] (Click on the images to get a closer look!)

Ventilation & Sound

JT Proflex Thermal Paintball Mask Bottom Half VentilationThe JT Proflex has some of the best ventilation I’ve ever seen on a mask. You can clearly see based off the picture displayed why that is. The entire area around the mouth is vented with sizable holes to allow for easy breathing and virtually no muffling of your voice. You also don’t encounter any sort of vibration/echo through your mask while speaking, something that I find is common in masks nowadays. I have never heard or personally experienced having breathing issues while wearing the JT Proflex thermal paintball mask due to how well ventilated it is. A big plus to having the Proflex so well ventilated is that you never have the issue of the lens fogging. While the mask is a dual pane thermal lens, so that shouldn’t be an issue already, I’ve heard many people say that this mask won’t even fog on a scorching day in Florida after a long winded sprint. Always a great plus that you can maintain steady breathing and not have to worry about your mask lens fogging up.

JT Proflex Thermal Paintball Mask Soft Ears
JT Proflex Thermal Paintball Mask Soft Ears

The JT Proflex as I’ve already stated is highly customizable, and that includes “soft ears” and “hard ears”. The “soft ears” are a soft foam that covers your ears and attach to the straps to stay in place. While they offer little protection in my opinion they do not interfere with your hearing ability and thus why some players find this an attractive option.



JT Proflex Thermal Paintball Mask Hard Ears
JT Proflex Thermal Paintball Mask Hard Ears

However, there is also the “hard ear” option which is a harder plastic material (similar to the bottom, mouth area of the mask) that can be swapped on instead of soft ear. This is a much safer and more protective option and the one I prefer as getting hit in the ear sucks. I find that there is no sound interference with these as well as they are ventilated just like the bottom portion of the mask. I’d personally recommend getting hard ears over soft.


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Field of View & Fogging

The JT Proflex thermal paintball mask has an excellent 260 degree field of view, quite standard for most masks now but nonetheless. The goggles are a dual pane thermal lens which means they have an extremely hard time fogging. Although you typically won’t even have to worry about fogging already as the ventilation is astounding as previously mentioned. Upon purchasing the JT Proflex you also get a free smoke lens included in the box so if you did want to swap out the stock lens you could.


JT Proflex Thermal Paintball Mask Front ViewThe Proflex provides excellent protection for players of every size. Usually with masks like the Dye i4 they cover the face well but leave your jaw and chin area exposed, leaving players a little skeptical to pick up the mask. The Proflex ensures that all of the players face is protected as a true paintball mask should. Having a wider frame makes sure that all incoming paint from the front will be absorbed by the mask and not your face. The materials used on the lower half of the mask are also quite unique and add some great benefits to the players while out on the field. The area around your mouth is made from this flexible yet relatively firm rubber that allows for balls to bounce off your face instead of explode (because nobody likes eating paint). This is great for players because if it bounces and doesn’t explode, you’re still in the game! That’s one of the many reasons professionals use this mask. The mask also includes a chinstrap, and soft ears. Most players tend to cut the chinstrap off or unscrew it out, however it is a safety feature worth noting. The soft ears as I had mentioned earlier in the Ventilation & Sound section are half-decent but in my opinion if you are looking for great protection then the hard ears would be the way to go.

Personal Recommendations

Change it Around! – This mask is completely customizable, so don’t be afraid to make it the way you want it to be. There’s a whole market out there revolving around the unique pieces you can get for your JT. If there’s something you don’t like on the mask don’t let it deter you from not buying it, just change it up!

Get Hard Ear Covers – As I’ve mentioned a few times already in this review (one more time just for good measure), definitely pick up hard ear covers. Unless you already have a set preference then do what you’d like. I personally like the hard ear covers as it is very painful taking a shot to the ear and especially if it doesn’t break. The hard ear covers a larger portion of your ear and are also much sturdier, so from a safety perspective the hard ear covers are a better purchase. See which one you prefer however!

Final Verdict

The JT Proflex thermal paintball mask is without a doubt in my mind the best paintball mask out there right now. It is an all around great mask that is extremely comfortable, lightweight, and protective. All while having very little downside. Taking out lenses can be a pain, but it can be considered a necessary evil with this mask. The benefits of picking up this mask vastly outweigh the small cons that some may find with it. Definitely look to get a JT Proflex if you’re just starting out with Paintball or if you’re looking to find a new replacement for your previous mask. And don’t forget to customize it! I’d love to see what you guys have done to some of yours 🙂

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