Spending Tracker is here to help.

Ever been in a situation where you thought you still had money left?

Only to find out that they you spent them all away?

Then you start mentally adding up all the unnecessary purchases you just made… And you suddenly want to hit yourself after realizing that all that unnecessary spending left you with nothing?

We’ve all been there at one point or another.

Thankfully, technology is here to help us manage our money. Not only does it help some of us make money, it can actually help everyone save some money, too.

With the help of applications like the Spending Tracker, managing finances has never been so easy.

What is Spending Tracker?

Just as its name suggests, spending tracker is an app designed to help users keep track of their spending, and — perhaps — do a little saving.

Tasks that seemed tedious and dreadful in the past suddenly no longer feel like a waste of time and energy — thanks to inventions like this.

How it helps

Spending Tracker lets its users keep track of their spending in flexible time periods using a simple interface. Whether you want to get a report of your spending on a weekly, monthly, or even a yearly basis — this app can get it all covered for you.

The app also features a Budget Mode wherein users get to set a fixed amount for their budget to make sure that they won’t go over. Any remaining budget left unspent can be carried over to the next period — helping users save more money than they normally would.

Another helpful feature of this app is the Summary View, which lets users review their spending both in the past and in the present period. This feature also gives a good overview of the user’s current spending progress, if there is any, and it also lets them see the areas where they’re spending most of their money.

Other features

Other useful features of the Spending Tracker include the following:

Income and Expense Log

With this feature, users are able to track not only their expenses, but also their income and where their income goes. They can also sort through these details by name, amount, or date.


One of the features that make this app particularly easy to use is its editable categories. Users can sort and edit income and expenses categories and even assign an icon for each.


The last but perhaps one of the most important feature of the Spending Tracker that’s worth mentioning is its Reports feature. Under this feature, users get to see an overview of all their total spending — including the history of their spending and a chart to represent them. Using this feature, users can also view their spending in categories, as well as go over the expenses they made in the past.

The Spending Tracker is definitely an app to go for if you’re serious about budgeting and keeping tabs on your expenses. Though the app is far from perfect, it can definitely help put users on the right financial track.