Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases

The Galaxy S7 has been revealed back in February 21, one day before the start of MWC 2016. Samsung Galaxy S7 cases were made available to the market even before the smartphone was announced. How is that possible when the phone isn’t even out yet? Well, almost everything about the Galaxy S7 was known due to the rumors. Also, Samsung has probably asked accessory makers to keep the cases ready for launch

If you head over to, you’ll find plenty of cases for the Galaxy S7 but after making such an investment on an expensive gadget you would want to make sure it is protected without hurting its gorgeous and slim looks.

Not all the cases are good, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the seven best Galaxy S7 cases. These cases are available for purchase. All the images used below depict the Galaxy S6 and not the Galaxy S7.

8 Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases

Caseology Textured Pattern Grip Case

caseology textured pattern grip case galaxy s7

The new Textured Pattern Grip Case from Caseology is a mixture of style and protection, all for your brand new Samsung Galaxy S7.

There’s a 3D pattern at the back to provide better grip when holding the device, and the bumper is smooth and strong from improved protection. The case is made from dual-layered TPU and polycarbonate shell. It also has a raised lip to protect the display from scratches when the device is kept face down. is currently selling this case for $13.99 and it’ll start shipping on March 4. Available in Pink, Black, Black/Gold and Navy Blue.

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OBLIQ Premium Naked Shield Case

obliq naked case galaxy s7

The Obliq Premium Naked Shied series case for the Galaxy S7 uses crystallized shock-absorbing PC cover with a TPU bumper. It will provide enough protection for your S7 from drops and nicks. Since this is a naked case, the color and design of the phone will be completely visible.

There’s a magnetic kickstand on the back so you can lay your Galaxy S7 on the tablet and watch videos with ease. The case has been designed in the USA and manufactured in South Korea. You can buy the case from for $16.99, but it will be shipped on March 31.

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Spigen Resilient Rugged Armor Case

spigen rugged armor galaxy s7

The Spigen Resilient Rugged Armor case for the Galaxy S7 features glossy accents and carbon fiber textures, giving it a rugged look and feel. The case is made from flexible TPU and has spider-web pattern protection inside. There’s also a raised lip to protect the display when keeping the phone face down on a surface.

You Galaxy S7 will be protected using Air Cushion Technology with Military Grade MIL-STD 810G 516.6 standard. The case also has tactile buttons, so it’s easier to press the buttons. Available for $10.99 from, when it arrives in stock on February 25.

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Spigen Premium Bumper Case

spigen premium bumper galaxy s7

This Galaxy S7 case has a new TPU pattern on the back that increases grip and there are easy to use TPU buttons as well. The case is made from shock-absorbing TPU and the bumper is polycarbonate. The new upgraded frame has been reinforced at all the cutouts for the best fit.

You can buy this case from for $14.99 and will start shipping on February 25.

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Ringke Fusion Crystal Case

ringke fusion crystal galaxy s7 case

The Ringke Fusion is a very popular case and now they’ve made one for the Samsung Galaxy S7. It is designed to fit perfectly on the new Galaxy S7 and provides great protection without adding extra bulk. The TPU bumper has dust caps for all the ports and uses Active Touch technology easy access to all the buttons.

The case is available at, for $10.99 in Crystal Clear and Smoke Black. The case will start shipping on March 29.

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Verus Triple Mixx Case

verus triple mixx galaxy s7 case

This case from Verus will fit the new Galaxy S7 perfectly and provide complete protection. It includes raised lip to protect the display and TPU bumper to protect the edges. A hard clear back with a unique pattern further protects the phone against drops and scratches. The case is a snug fit and doesn’t add a lot of extra bulk, you get precision cut holes for all the ports.

The Verus Triple Mixx case is available for purchase on for $24.99. Verus will start shipping the case on March 20.

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Ringke Signature Leather Case

ringke signature leather galaxy s7 case

How would you like a genuine leather flip case for the Galaxy S7? The Signature case from Ringke uses 100 percent Genuine leather. The flip stand can also be used as a phone stand for watching videos, etc. The case allows you to store 3 ID or Credit cards and covers all edges of your smartphone.

You can buy the Ringke Signature Leather case from for $49.99. Yes, it’s a little bit on the expensive side and will start shipping on March 29.

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Verus Damda Clip Case

verus damda clip galaxy s7 case

A slim clip case for the Galaxy S7 that includes space to store 2 cards or some money. The bumper is made out of TPU and polycarbonate, providing dual layers of protection. The insides are covered with a soft rubbery cushion that protects the phone from drops, etc, A lip will protect the screen from touching the ground. Sensitive buttons and precise cutouts make it easy to use.

The Verus Damda Clip case is available for purchase on for $24.99. Deliveries will start on March 20.

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UAG Composite Case


Urban Armour Gear is a well-known brand of rugged cases that provide the best drop protection around.

The UAG Composite case for the Galaxy S7 features a feather-light construction with an armor shell and a soft core that’s highly impact resistant. The case also provides better grip and the buttons are easy to use.

The case meets the MIL STD 810G 516.6 standard for drop tests, which means your Galaxy S7 will be safe when you drop it unintentionally. The Composite series is available in several different color options.

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Rhinoshield Crashguard Bumper Case


Are you looking for a durable and classy bumper case for the Galaxy S7? The Rhinoshield Crashguard is a great bumper case that exceeds the MIL-STD 810G 516.6 military grade standards.

This bumper case is super light and you can show off your Galaxy S7 without worrying about damaging it during a drop. Front and back raised lips protect the glass. The matte finish of the bumper also provides great grip.

The Rhinoshield Crashguard is made from soft + hard polycarbonate material and is super thin at just 0.09 inches.

You can buy this bumper case from for $24.99 in Black, White, Red or Dark Blue.

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Once again, the Samsung Galaxy S7 was available for purchase since early 2016. We have put this list up as soon as we can so you can decide the best Galaxy S7 case to protect your mobile device.