Apple iPhone users hunting for cases for their brand new iPhone SE, look for one thing, apart from style – protection. It doesn’t matter how careful you are; we have all experienced phone drops that can end very badly.

The 4-inch wonder – iPhone SE – released on March 21 at the Apple Event, comes in a beautiful compact design with refined matte-chamfered edges. That means you need an iPhone case to protect this beauty.

It turns out that if you’re planning on getting yourself the just-announced iPhone SE, you’ll be able to recycle your old 5s-era phone cases, as the iPhone SE is similar to iPhone 5S in terms of hardware design.

Your New iPhone SE Deserves a New Case

Isn’t it always exciting to dress up a new phone with a new case?

It’s worth mentioning that we focused on three issues when looking for cases. The first is the protection it offers in the event of a fall, the second is the amount of grip the case offers, and finally the accessibility of the ports and buttons.

Having said that, time to go ahead and look at the 10 iPhone SE cases.

i-Blason Halo Scratch Resistant Clear Case for iPhone SE/5s/5 ($4.99)

iPhone SE cases
iBlason iPhone SE case

Slim, protective and cheap, this is the case to beat.

This i-Blason Clear case from the Halo Series of cases has a luxurious look and feel about it. Since it’s designed specifically to fit the smaller 4-inch iPhones, you will find the fit super snug and perfect, without adding thickness to the phone.

While this single-piece case may not be indestructible, it’s made of anti-slip and anti-scratch material. The shock-absorbing raised edges around the screen offer drop and scratch protection. Provides easy access to all ports.

The completely transparent back plate accentuates the aesthetic of your iPhone. You will be proud that you’re not hiding your beautiful new iPhone SE behind rubbery thickness.

Colors: Completely Clear (no border color,) Clear/ Black, Clear/ Blue, Clear/ Pink

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VRS High Pro Shield Case for iPhone SE ($16.99)

iPhone SE cases
VRS High Pro Shield case

A perfect choice for those that are utilitarian.

If there’s one thing the High Pro Shield case does well: it lives up to its name and shields your iPhone SE, offering high levels of protection.

Since this case is specifically designed for the new iPhone SE 2016, the fit is bound to be amazing. This no-frills case offers full body protection from scuffs and drops while adding minimal bulk.

Superior quality thermoplastic polyurethane, which you may know as TPU and Polycarbonate (PC) are used. The case is dual-layered: the inside layer is soft and cushions the iPhone SE from drops and the harder outer shell completely covers the device to shield from serious collisions.

As with all good cases, port openings are aligned properly and the button protection is sensitive to touch. Pressing buttons is easy without the need to exert pressure. This is crucial because even such seemingly small issues can add up to a lot of annoyance when repeated several times.

While those with butterfingers may benefit from the hardshell body and extra protection of the High Pro Shield’s robust design, the sleek bumper and attractive finish offer the best compromise between protection and aesthetics.

Colors: Satin Silver, Steel Silver, Champagne Gold, Rose Gold

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SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle PRO for iPhone SE/5s/5 ($12.99)

iPhone SE cases
SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle PRO case

You’re at the right place if you’re looking for a high-protection pick.

Unicorns and Beetles? That may be a weird name for an iPhone SE case, but this case does its job perfectly.

This is a slick case that feels well-built. It comes with a built-in screen protector that offers great viewability of the iPhones touch screen. The screen protector does not just cover your iPhone SE screen; it extends past the touchable area and the edges are at an angle where they don’t get in the way, which is really nice.

If your iPhone SE already has a screen protector, we suggest you remove it.

In terms of protection, this one is a tougher slim iPhone case that can withstand heavy drops and demanding conditions.

One of the best things about Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro iPhone SE case is that it is a great dust protector (better than most slim cases). All phone ports are covered to protect from dust and debris.

Accessing any of your iPhone SE buttons or hardware ports is a breeze with this iPhone SE case. It has nice textured bumpers and doesn’t feel rubbery.

The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro comes with a belt holster and the release mechanism is part of the entire case, unlike other holsters.

A thin TPU case is generally enough to protect your iPhone SE from most drops and scuffs, but if you’re the type of person who’s always having to call AppleCare, we suggest something with more protection, such as the Unicorn Beetle PRO case.

Colors: Black/Black, Blue/Black, Pink/Grey, White/Grey

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VRS Layered Dandy Series Flip Case for iPhone SE ($21.99)

iPhone SE cases
VRS Layered Dandy Series Flip Case

Need a slim and fancy iPhone SE wallet case? Then this one is specially designed for you.

The Dandy Series Flip Case is a little fancier than your average iPhone case. It’s a dandy layered, luxurious wallet case made with premium PU leather material. The folio cover fully protects your iPhone SE.

This iPhone SE wallet case will provide good protection to your iPhone as it covers the back and all four corners of your iPhone. The raised edges and a TPU lip stop the screen from touching the ground, protecting it from scratches.

In terms of design, the slimness of this case is nice, when compared to other wallet cases, and it has three card slots as well as a money pocket. So you don’t have to carry a separate wallet for your ID, debit and credit card.

It offers a snug fit for your new iPhone SE and is engineered to emphasize thinness. Access to ports is easy with sensitive button covers. A magnetic clip allows quick fastening and hassle-free access.

Single Color: Coffee Brown colored leather

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Silk Vault Slim Wallet for iPhone SE/5s/5 ($14.99)

iPhone SE cases
Silk Vault Slim Wallet Case

Sleek and stylish – is that you? It surely is our favorite.

The Vault Slim Wallet is an ultra-slim wallet case for the iPhone SE from a company called Silk. This is a slim, touch iPhone SE case that comes with a superior screen protector – Vault’s Lay-Flat Screen Guard™ design.

A protective front bezel on this case safely elevates the iPhone’s screen by 1mm. This means when your iPhone SE is secured within this case, you can place your phone face down on flat surfaces without ruining the screen.

This wallet case can fit three cards plus some cash, comfortably, helping you ditch your bulky wallet. But since you’re buying it for its ultra-slim look, you wouldn’t want to stuff huge wads of cash in it.

What we love about this case is the ingenious card tensioning spring that holds your cards in place securely, even during drops.

The durable soft-touch cover offers excellent grip, sliding in and out of your pocket or handbag with ease. A shock-absorbent reinforced ribbed structure disperses shocks.

The phone comes with natural throw buttons that maintain an organic connection with the phone.

Colors: Midnight Black, Gunmetal Grey, Teal Green

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ESR Hybrid Case for iPhone SE ($9.99)

iPhone SE cases
ESR Hybrid case

If you’re looking for an inexpensive but a tough protective case, then the ESR Hybrid Case is for you.

In fact, you will be surprised to note that this is one of the toughest iPhone SE cases on the market.

This iPhone SE case, on its back, has a rather interesting design in white and greenish blue. This design is printed in two layers to make sure it doesn’t fade with time and use.

The back cover uses an exclusive “Sandwich” structure design with two anti-scratch surfaces that sandwich a shock-absorbent TPU in the middle. This offers greater protection in the event of a drop or fall.

The TPU peripheral bumper is given an under-frosted surface treatment, allowing extra friction and grip, to ensure it doesn’t slip out of your hand easily.

It has raised front edges to protect the phone when placed face down. The lip at the back is raised higher than the iPhone camera, offering excellent back protection too. With this iPhone SE case, you don’t have to worry about placing it anywhere on any side, face up or face down.

All the ports are easily accessible. The lanyard is not included, but the case comes with reserved holes for Lanyard.

Colors: Beat Chevron

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VRS Crystal Bumper Series Case for iPhone SE ($16.99)

iPhone SE cases
VRS Crystal Bumper Series case

A slim and small case packed with power and increased protection.

The Crystal Bumper Case is yet another iPhone SE case from VRS Design. Just like Hi Pro Shield Case we talked about earlier, this one is also a heavy-duty tough case that offers a greater degree of protection.

With a crystal clear transparent TPU layer back, you can show off your new iPhone SE design without compromising on protection.

While the case fits snugly on your iPhone SE, the raised edges, four covered corners and a TPU lip keep the phone from touching ground in any position.

As with all VRS iPhone cases, this Crystal Bumper Case is made out of superior quality thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and Polycarbonate (PC). All their cases are dual-layered: the inside layer is soft and cushions the iPhone SE from drops and the harder outer shell completely covers the device to shield from serious collisions.

Perfect cutouts give easy access to ports and the button covers offer responsive presses.

Colors: Satin Silver, Steel Silver, Champagne Gold, Rose Gold

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LUVVITT Clear Grip for iPhone SE ($12.99)

iPhone SE cases
LUVVITT Clear Grip case

This one is sure to take your style quotient a notch higher.

Specifically created for the 4-inch iPhone SE phones, the LUVVITT Clear Grip iPhone cases come with an elaborate cushioning bumper protection.

This light and slim phone case with an ergonomic shape is made to fit perfectly in your hand and the ruffled design adds grip to your iPhone SE, protecting it from falls.

The superior quality German Bayer branded thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) rubber offers greater shock-absorbing ability. The protective lip and reinforced corner protection keep it safe from scratching and breaking during falls.

This is a crystal clear iPhone SE case that allows the beauty of the iPhone to shine through and fits your iPhone like a glove. Does not add any bulk to the iPhone.

Colors: Crystal Clear Transparent (no border colors)

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Agent 18 Flexshield Case for iPhone SE/5s ($14.99)

iPhone SE cases
Agent 18 Flexshield case

If you’re fishing for compliments and looking for protection from day-to-day drops, go for it.

Agent 18 is a very cute and stylish case. It’s slim and lightweight but has a rugged feel to it. It fits easily in your pocket and has enough grip to stay there even when you’re doing some manual work. When it rings, you can slip it out with ease.

It comes in a fun and functional design that can handle years of wear and tear without fading. Flexible TPU plastic is used to make these cases and this helps pad the phone in drops.

According to the manufacturer, it offers military-grade protection and has passed a 3.3-foot military drop test. The case covers and protects buttons but allows easy access and full use.

Colors: Multiple (19) color variants available. Check out the link below.

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CM4 Q Card Case for iPhone SE/5s/5 ($34.95)

iPhone SE cases
CM4 Q Card case

This one is the most expensive in our list of iPhone SE cases, but the reason it’s here is because it offers great value for money.

The Q Card Case by CM4 is a wallet case with a streamlined pocket that comfortably holds cards, IDs and money while on-the-go. But be careful – overdoing it causes stretching of the faux leather.

With a protective soft-touch and fabric case, this one looks stylish. The soft-touch rubber and the superior fabric offer a comfortable grip and without sticking to the liner of your pocket. The lay-flat Screen Guard design provides ultimate screen protection by elevating the iPhone’s screen with a protective front bezel.

The natural throw buttons help connect with your iPhone easily. This case fits Apple’s new Lightning to 30-pin Dock, making it easy for you to charge your iPhone SE anywhere without removing your iPhone case.

Colors: Black Onyx, Blue Leather, Mahogany Brown, Pacific Green, Pink Sapphire, Red Rouge

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What you’ve seen is just a small range of iPhone SE cases that are reasonably priced. No one case can be called perfect; each one comes with its own positives and negatives. Think about what you look for in your iPhone case and buy accordingly. And remember, switching between cases is easy, so finding an iPhone SE case of your choice shouldn’t be very difficult.