Best Health, Fitness and Workout Apps for a Better Mind & Body

Congratulations for making it to 2016! What New Year’s resolutions have you hoped to bring to life? Maybe you want to save more money to pay off student debt. Maybe you want to travel to intriguing countries you have never stepped foot in. Maybe you want to reach the last level in a hot video game you got for Christmas last year. Whatever the case, you cannot fully enjoy doing such things without a healthy mind and body. You are probably one of many people looking to drop some pounds and get in great shape this year. Am I right? Unfortunately, many people break the bank for gym memberships yet fail to sustain a worthy exercise regimen that promises a healthy, fit body. If that sounds like you, don’t fret! Instead, try some awesome apps for Apple and Android devices to help you sculpt and shape your body into a masterpiece. Below are some of the best fitness apps available for free. The selection will help you attain a stronger body and a more creative-thinking mind. What’s a fit body without a fit brain, anyway?

On top of that, these fitness apps will help you relieve stress, sleep better, and be more productive. They can help you gain a greater boost of energy for managing better relationships. One of the reasons is embracing sounder time-management and organizational skills that allow you to make extra time for family and friends, as a healthier YOU.


Best Fitness Apps MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal appears to be one of the most popular fitness apps ever. Many people agree that it is the fastest and easiest calorie counter to use. It has one of the largest (if not the largest) food databases, with information for over five million foods stored. You can track your diet and exercise sessions in less than five minutes a day. Import and keep track of all your favorite recipes you find on the web. It even has an integrated step tracker to maintain a record of all your steps.

Download on iOS and Android for free.


Best Fitness Apps FitBit

FitBit allows users to track all-day activity. This means you can track almost everything from how many calories you burn at the gym to how many steps you walk while shopping at the grocery store. You’ll need the Fitbit tracker device for more extensive measurements. You can log in the calories you consume using its barcode scanner and quick calorie estimator. Want to get fit with your loved ones? Take advantage of sharing health stats, competing in fitness challenges and leaderboards, as well as direct messages via this app.

Download on iOS and Android for free.


Best Fitness Apps Pacer

Pacer is an upgraded version of a traditional pedometer. This pedometer app not only enables users to track their steps but also serves as a weight and BMI management tool. Also, you can stay up to date on your blood pressure stats. What’s great about this is having no need to wear a wristband or hardware directly on your body to keep track of anything. Use this app from your smartphone with no extra setups needed. In fact, you don’t require any login information to get started.

Download on iOS and Android for free.

Lose It!

Best Fitness Apps Lose It!

Millions of people have dropped pounds using the Lose It! app. With this tool, you’ll need to set up a profile of your health status, and a customized weight loss plan will be developed for you. From there you can begin to track your food and exercise, plan meals, and watch the weight fall off. This app contains a comprehensive food and exercise database, barcode scanner, recipe builder, and an in-app step counter. You can keep a personal journal of your experiences and progress with the “notes” function.

Download on iOS and Android for free.

Map My Run

Best Fitness Apps Map My Run

Are you one who loves to get a good workout in through running? Map My Run is a top-notch running app to help you get the job done. You can record GPS-based running workouts for accurate measurements, such as pace, route, distance, calories burned, and more. To take your exercise sessions further, this app has a collection of more than 600 different kinds of workouts to choose from. This is not limited to running either. Feel free to keep track of cycling, walking, gym workouts, cross-training, yoga, and other forms.

Download on iOS and Android for free.


Best Fitness Apps Sworkit

Sworkit is another app that provides many different workouts to try. Its collection of workout routines guides users through video exercises demonstrated by professional fitness trainers. Twelve million people have already downloaded this app, which has a library of over 200 types of exercises. You can create your own customized workouts that target every area of your body: upper and lower body, core, abs, butt, back, legs, and more. Put yourself to the test with yoga, cardio, strength training, Pilates, and beyond. Earn rewards for getting fit with Sworkit like gift cards.

Download on iOS and Android for free.


Best Fitness Apps Lumosity

To sharpen your cognitive abilities, let Lumosity help you with engaging games to strengthen memory and increase attention span. This app is trusted by over 50 million people worldwide and delivers a package of more than 20 cool games to challenge your brain. Developed by a team of scientists and game designers, Lumosity features fun training techniques based on common neuropsychological tasks as well as experimental challenges. Leave mental fog behind with this app.

Download on iOS and Android for free.


Best Fitness Apps Headspace

Do you have a serious desire to begin regular meditation sessions but don’t know where to start? Let this app help you. Headspace makes meditation simple by assisting users with mindfulness practice for just ten minutes a day. You can experience that with this app’s Take10 sessions, which are suited for beginners. Track your accomplishments with the Personalized progress page for updated stats. Sessions are downloadable for offline use. Feel encouraged to enhance your self-awareness, listening skills, and the mind-body connection.

Download on iOS and Android for free.

Relax Melodies

Best Fitness Apps Relax Melodies

Creators of Relax Melodies promise to help you doze off to sleep in 20 minutes or less. You can design your own sleep-inducing mixes by combining various sounds and melodies. Incorporate timers and alarms if necessary. Just play the mixes when you’re ready to have a good night’s rest to be soothed by the high-quality ambient sounds. This app is also great for spending time at the spa or participating in yoga and relaxation classes. It helps users bring their minds and bodies to a sustained calm state.

Download on iOS and Android for free.


Best Fitness Apps Sunrise

Sunrise is a convenient app that lets users keep track of all life events in one place. It connects with a large variety of calendar apps (e.g. iCloud and Google Calendar) so you can easily store documented plans on this app from others. You can also schedule meetings with Sunrise using the Meet tool, the quickest way to organize a one-on-one session on the go. Schedule meetings from any messaging app, such as Facebook. Use calendars to stay up to date with sports teams or TV shows, etc.

Download on iOS and Android for free.

These fitness apps are equipped to simplify almost every part of your life. From losing weight to improving psychological health, you can construct more enjoyable experiences for yourself with lasting results. Do you agree with this? Let us know in the comment section below.

Also, feel free to share any other cool fitness apps you find!