Way back in February, BlackBerry announced the eBBM Suite, which would be an initiative to bring a whole new level of privacy and security to enterprise messaging. Now footage has been found online of BBM Protected, the first step in the eBBM Suite, and it looks to offer everything that was promised.

The two video below were uploaded by CrackBerry and show a short glimpse of what BBM Protected will do and how it will look.

This first video shows how seamless it is when switching between BBM Protected conversations, and those which are not protected. You can also see the visual differences between the two. Protected has blue text and a small lock icon to indicate that you are using part of the eBBM Suite.

This next video shows how simple and streamlined the setup process is for the folks in your company’s IT department. Now I’m by no means an IT professional, nor do I have any experience setting up security for anything bigger than my laptop, yet this setup still seems pretty simple to me.

Drop us a comment below and let us know what you think of this first look at BBM Protected!