The moment Battlefield fans have been waiting for has finally arrived, EA DICE have officially announced their upcoming World War 1 based shooter ‘Battlefield 1’. The announcement came in the form of a cinematic in-engine trailer you can watch below.

Over the last week or so there was some murmurs and a teaser about the Battlefield franchise’s next release. The action-packed trailer not only confirms a WW1 setting, but also boasts some insanely realistic graphics. It looks as though the game will focus on some of the larger scale battles of WW1, including some diverse locations and a wide-range of vehicles/weaponry.

The previous Battlefield games have shown us what EA DICE can do with the modern era of warfare, and now we will see what they can do with the era in which this type of warfare began, hence the name ‘Battlefield 1’.

As you would expect the game will be made up of a single player campaign and an online multiplayer mode. The latter will be able have up to 64 players included at one time, with battles taking place on land, over seas and in the air. The WW1 style tanks and planes will definitely bring a classic warfare feel to the game, and for the first time ever you can even do battle on horse-back.

EA DICE have stated that this will be the biggest single player campaign so far, and that there will be more than one protagonist throughout it’s missions. It hasn’t been confirmed whether these characters will be from a singular or conflicting factions, but it was implied that players will get to see the war from different perspectives. The campaign will take players to a variety of different countries, as you will have seen from the trailer.

It’s safe to say that the trailer is nothing short of amazing in terms of what it achieves graphically, but this is in-engine quality, and we are yet to see any actual gameplay. EA DICE most likely made the decision to hold off on revealing some gameplay until E3, which isn’t too far away.

Battlefield 1 is set for release on October 1st for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.