Virtuous released the Batman “Return to Arkham” consoles for Sony Interactive Entertainment and Microsoft Xbox One in October 2016. Many fans have been facing the low frame rate issue of the game in their PlayStation 4 Pro consoles. Hence, the Batman “Return to Arkham” patch for PS4 Pro is something you cannot miss.

Virtuous Remastered The Last-Generation Batman Games

Rocksteady developed the Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Virtuous remastered the two games in the Batman “Return to Arkham”. Virtuous remastered the graphics and updated the game along with all the earlier released DLCs. You have to pay just $50 for a package of the updated versions of last-generation Batman games.

Batman “Return To Arkham” Gets A Patch Update

Have you been experiencing video glitches and game crashes in your Batman “Return to Arkham” game in your PS4 pro? Here is some good news. Virtuous has addressed the issues you have been facing in the game and has come up with patch 1.02. The patch has brought a number of improvements to the game on PS4 pro.

Warner Bros. released the patch 1.02 for the Batman “Return to Arkham” game. The patch offers some added support for PlayStation 4 Pro gaming consoles.

The Patch 1.02 Update Resolves Game Crashes And Improves Game Stability

Various fans have reported the game crashing at multiple events while playing. Also, reports suggest that the crashing may have been due to highly graphical gameplay and multiple execution of objects. According to the release notes, the update patch has addressed all the intermittent crashing issues to offer a stable gameplay.

The company has expressed in its forum post that the update will deliver indefinite “visual upgrades.” Also, the update is boosted with enhancements for better performance and game stability.

Batman “Return To Arkham” With Optimized Performance And Visualization

The patch has also added performance improvements that will help, avoid hitching issues due to low fps. The frame rate has been increased to the highest possible level. Performance optimization is a key support from the patch that will help you to easily tweak the visualization settings.

You can now appreciate the Batman “Return to Arkham” world even more with a stunning 60 fps. However, it is notable that a few Reddit users have also reported that the update is doing no good.