Xbox One Backwards Compatibility List of Games are constantly updated

Microsoft recently released an update for the Xbox One that added backwards compatibility to the system. The update allows players to play Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One. The update was much needed for the Xbox One as fans were clamoring for backwards compatibility since the system was announced. This push is likely to make the Xbox 360 more obsolete while simultaneously improving the sales of the Xbox One.

Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility Not Without Its Flaws

However, there are few problems with backwards compatibility on the Xbox One. For starters, there are only 120 games currently available. The list was originally only 104 games long, but Microsoft is going to be routinely updating the list of games available. These games, for the most part, are fan favorites. So if you favorite Xbox 360 title is not currently on the list, which can be found here, then there’s no need to worry; it may be well on its way. The next group of games made available should be released next month.

One notable title recently added is “Halo: Reach.” “Reach” is very popular among a number of “Halo” players, so many were excited to see how the game runs on Xbox One’s backwards compatibility. Unfortunately, it seems to be very poor. A recent report shows that the backwards compatibility doesn’t necessarily keep the framerate up to standard. As a result, “Halo: Reach” can feel laggy while playing offline, and players may have a hard time enjoying some parts of the game.
While the framerate is not an issue for every title, it should be something to consider before getting these games for the Xbox One. Backwards compatibility is a big step forward for Microsoft, but there are some issues that need to be fixed before you can put your Xbox 360 away.