If you’ve accidentally deleted a crucial WhatsApp message, there is an easy way to recover it using WhatsApp’s automatic backups. We will explain how to restore WhatsApp chats on Android & iOS in very easy few steps. WhatsApp automatically updates all your chat history every day, and with the help of the latest settings it gives you the chance to back up chat history, automatically or manually either on your phone or external SD card.

So, please follow the instructions below to restore your deleted messages or chats.

Check the following before the restoration process

  1. Make sure that the phone number you are using to recover your WhatsApp chat history is the same one you used when backing up your chat history.
  2. Ensure that you are using the same account you used to back up your data on Google Drive or iCloud. Because if not, you will not succeed.
  3. By no chance should you have deleted your backup folder and files. If you have, then you are doomed.
  4. You have installed a file manager application as you will use it to search for as well as rename files and folders.

The Droid Restore from Google Drive or Locally on Phone.

This is how to recover your deleted chat history that has been saved locally on your handset either internally or on the external SD card:

  1. Go to the phone menu then to applications and select WhatsApp.
  2. Click on the option to uninstall WhatsApp.
  1. Accent to restoring chat history when prompted to. This will, of course, overwrite all the information currently in the application …and you are done! Easy.

To restore chat history saved on Google Drive, this is how to do it:

Uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall it again. Choose to restore chat history from Google Drive …and you are done!

The iOS restore of your chat history from iCloud.

Cellular devices that use iOS include iPhone or iPad. First and foremost, to back up your chat history on iCloud, go to your phone menu and click on applications and select WhatsApp. Once there, click on WhatsApp settings then to chats and calls and finally select chat back up to back up your chat history. To restore, delete WhatsApp and re-install it again. You will then be prompted to restore your chat history and click okay.

Remember that to restore your chat history, you need to have backed it up already. Well, there you have it. A mistakenly deleted chat history on both Android and iOS can easily be restored. No need to worry your head about it.