A new app from AT&T, the DirecTV Now is offering streaming of online television at a starting price of $35. AT&T announced its latest changes to its DirecTV on Monday including the latest app for streaming television titled DirecTV Now. This service is positioned as an alternative to the traditional cable TV and follows what is being offered by competitors such as Playstation View and Sling TV. Customers have the option to choose a 7 day free trial before buying any of the packages offered by AT&T.

The entry level pricing for DirectTV is $35 per month for more than 120 channels. To learn more about how the service compares with competition, your pricing options, channel list and more, read on.

DirecTV Pricing options

DirecTV Now is offering 4 different packages with a promotional package titled “Go Big” coming with a promotional offer at $35 as against the normal price of $60. The 4 packages offered by AT & T are:-

Live a Little – 60+ channels at $35 a month

Just Right – 80+ channels at $50 a month

Go Big – 100 channels at $ 60 a month ($35 during the promo period)

Gotta Have it – 120 plus channels at $70 a month

Cinemax and HBO can be added to all packages at an additional cost of $5 per month.

DirecTV Now Channel list

For a full list of your options and the channel list, please go here. What would be missing after we consider HBO and Cinemax at an additional cost of $5 per month is the NFL Sunday ticket. Further, if NBC, FOX, ABC etc are not available in your city as local service, then you may need to wait for a day after the shows are aired by these channels.

DirecTV Now supported devices

As for devices supported by DirecTV, you have a handful. These include Apple TV, iOS, Android AT&T, and are available in the app form for a large number of other devices. Currently, the following are supported.

Currently, Fire tablet and Roku app are not supported, but you can expect them early in 2017.

DVR capability and number of devices that can be streamed simultaneously by DirecTV

Presently, one account can run two streams. Though this is better than just one, it could be seen as a drag for some people. No DVR capability is in place for now either.

Signing up for DirecTV Now

AT & T has already launched the service. If you are keen on subscribing, you can sign up for the 7-day trial through DirecTV Now website and subsequently download the app to sign in for supported devices.

DirecTV Now update

DirecTV Now which launched on December 1, has been hit by an avalanche of customer complaints with login failures, channels not loading, and more. However, the infrastructure for live streaming appears to be inadequate and even competitors who launched ahead of AT&T continue to face problems in their service delivery.