As we begin to get accustomed to an Apple smartwatch, the Apple Watch 2 release date and rumours have already started.

The first Apple Watch was announced in March, earlier this year, and went on sale on April 10. In just one day, over 1 million units of the product was sold. That’s not very surprising as it was Apple’ first attempt at making a smartwatch. Check out the new Apple Watch Hermes collection.

Apple Watch 2 Release Date

The Apple Watch was good, but it wasn’t a big hit as everyone expected it to be, so to speak. Yes, it sold more than all the other smartwatches put together, but not everyone who bought it, liked it.

Now, there have been several Apple Watch 2 rumours already, some saying that the product will be released in March 2016. Apple usually follows an yearly cycle when it comes to releasing new products. Therefore, a March 2016 Apple Watch 2 release date does sound realistic.

The chairman of Quanta Computer, Barry Lam, said during an investor meeting that the Apple Watch 2 is currently being developed. The new device will come with improved hardware, software and run as an independent device. The current Apple Watch needs to be connected to an iPhone to work at its best.

Quanta will start production of the Apple Watch 2 soon and begin shipping it at the end of the 2nd quarter in 2016. It would be shipped in small quantities at first.

Other rumours suggest that the device would feature a FaceTime camera on the top bezel, a slimmer design and better battery life. The design and screen resolution will most likely remain the same as the current models.

Apple may also be working on developing their own cellular chip which would be part of the S2 chip used in the Apple Watch 2. This would make the next-gen Apple Watch, a completely independent device.