If you’re a student, you no longer have to worry about not being able to afford a new Mac. Apple Student Discount is an impressive effort by Apple to tap one of the major markets – students.

Apple Store for Education is directly offering Mac computers and iPads at huge discounted rates for students, teachers and lecturers. There is also a 50% discount on Apple Music membership.

Apple Student Discount from Apple Store for Education

Apple Store for Education has been around for some time, but not many students are aware of it. But with the Apple student discount, the company opens the doors wide open for the education segment, making it easy to pick up a discounted Mac from the education store.


Who Qualifies for the Apple Student Discount?


Students, teachers, lecturers, anybody from the education field, is eligible to get a discount from Apple. You are eligible even if you’re from the administrative department or a staff member working in the education field, whether it’s a school, college or university.

Do Not Qualify:

Parents of school children, if they’re buying for themselves. They will get a discount for their children.

What Apple says about Apple Student Discount:

“Those eligible to purchase from the Apple Store for Education Individuals include teachers, staff, students and parents as follows:

Employees of any education institution – Any employee of a public or private education institution in the UK is eligible.

Post-secondary Education Students – Students attending or accepted into a post-secondary education institution in the UK are eligible to purchase.

Parents of post-secondary students – Parents purchasing on behalf of their child, who is a student currently attending or accepted into a public or private post-secondary education institution in the UK, are eligible to purchase.

Purchases from the Apple Store for Education Individuals are not for institutional purchase or resale.”

How to Get Your Apple Student Discount?

Buying from the Apple Store for Education is no different from making any other online purchase.

Once you enter the Apple Store for Education, you will select your region and then the educational institution from the list provided.

If it’s possible, it’s best to log on using your Institutional network. You will be asked to enter some information for identification, to make sure you fit the eligibility criteria for the discount.

Apple has several websites that do the education discount verification. You can register with any of them, as the discount is the same on all sites.

If you don’t want to register using the verification websites, you can get in touch with Apple via a phone call, chat online or visit an Apple store for guidance through the process.

Keep your student ID ready. Use your educational institute email ID to gain access to the store.

Looking for a student discount on Mac? If you qualify for Apple student discount, visit the Apple Store for Education.