Remember walking into a bookstore as a ten-year old? It’s common for kids to spend hours gazing with contemplation at the thousands of interesting books just begging to be read. Things have changed, we don’t find too many of those wonderful bookstores, but great options like Amazon FreeTime Unlimited offer kids far more than any regular bookstore can.

Amazon announced that FreeTime Unlimited – the all-you-can eat subscription – specifically designed for kids and parents, has now been updated with a slew of content targeting older kids aged 9-12 – without raising the price.

Amazon FreeTime for kids always offered great content on Fire tablets, but the content has mostly been for 3-8 year old kids, and the older kids have been a little left out.

That’s changing now. The new content on FreeTime includes thousands of books, apps and educational videos among a host of other materials.

In a statement, Amazon said that it has added 13,000 videos, apps, games, etc. It’s also now possible to find thousands of YouTube videos and websites from within Amazon FreeTime.

Amazon FreeTime New Content for 9-12 Year Olds

New content has also been added for the tiny tots, like new books, games and exciting new apps.

Amazon FreeTime subscription starts at $2.99/month for Prime members and $4.99/month for other members. Currently, there is a one-month free trial.

Amazon FreeTime Smart Filters

Amazon has also made sure it’s easy to search this massive content database. A web browser can be used by parents to find kid-friendly content.

The Amazon FreeTime browser provides controlled access to over 40,000 hand-curated, age-appropriate YouTube videos and websites.

There are also restriction capabilities in place for parents to decide what their kids can access and cannot.

“To help more easily manage all that awesome content, we’re introducing FreeTime Smart Filters to give parents the ultimate say in what their kids are seeing — younger kids still have the freedom to explore the titles that are appropriate for their age group while older kids get to play Monument Valleyand see other cool videos, apps, games, and books that are just right for them,” Amazon said.

With the new features, Amazon intends to offer security to parents who are particular about the programs their kids have access to. Parents can also ask Amazon FreeTime Unlimited service for content specifically geared towards younger kids.

The smart filters will be found in the fourth and fifth-generation tablets, as well as the Fire Kids Edition.

The over-the-air update is now rolling out and will continue over the next few weeks.

Start your 1-month Free Trial for Amazon FreeTime Unlimited.