All you need to know about Amazon Echo

What is Amazon Echo? Well first let us talk about where we are with smart-tech. In this age of smartphones, smart TVs, smart watches, smart microwave ovens, smart cars, and smart everything in general — somehow we always knew that smart speakers were bound to happen.

And happen, it did.

One of the firsts to successfully introduce smart speakers to the market: Amazon.

It’s common for people to think that just because smartphones and smart TVs already offer anything we could think of wanting, smart speakers are no longer something we would want to be having.

But Amazon Echo may just change that way of thinking.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Features: Brief Review

This hands-free, wireless speaker from Amazon isn’t just like any typical Bluetooth-enabled speaker that you can connect to your phone.

Amazon Echo is a voice-controlled device; it can be accessed from anywhere you are across the room. Even while music is playing, and even when it’s loud — this device promises that it will be listening.

This smart speaker can play music from any of your favorite music streaming services, including Spotify, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Prime Music, and many others — and is equipped with an impressive, immersive 360º omnidirectional audio technology.

And that’s not everything…

The Amazon Echo also has a built-in Siri-like intelligent assistant that can help you with just about anything under the sun. Answering questions, giving info on local businesses, reporting traffic and weather, reading audiobooks and the news, and providing sports scores and schedules are only some of the things that the smart speaker’s cloud-based voice service — Alexa (the same name its app is called) — is able to do.

As if that’s not convincing enough, the Amazon Echo can also control lights, thermostats, and switches with compatible devices like Samsung SmartThings, WeMo, Wink, Philips Hue, ecobee smart home devices, and Insteon.

The best part about this device? This smart speaker just keeps getting smarter and smarter as new features and skills are added to it. Over 100 were already added to it since it was launched — with Uber and Dominos among them.

Amazon Echo Price

The Amazon Echo can also be controlled through the Alexa app, which is downloadable on any Android, iOS, Fire OS device and accessible through any web browser. Prices start at $179.99.

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