Amazon Echo Dot: Half the price for half the specs

Amazon has just recently unveiled Dot — the baby version of its hit smart speaker, the Amazon Echo. We say baby version because the Dot is about less than half the size of the Echo, and there are several things that the Echo can do that the Dot still can’t.

Unlike the Echo, the Dot is not an actual speaker. But it does have all the other features that make the Echo a smart speaker. So it’s smart, but it’s just not a speaker.

The only way for users to use the Amazon Dot as a speaker is by connecting it to another speaker, either via Bluetooth or through the AUX jack that comes with the device. The only problem with this arrangement is that it might take a while for Alexa — the device’s built-in smart assistant — to pick up its user’s voice once its connected to another speaker and music is playing.

Users might have to speak louder and repeat what they’re trying to say several times before Alexa accurately gets what it is that they’re trying to say.

On the bright side, however, the Dot is so small users can actually bring it along anywhere with them. The device itself still has the same capabilities as the Echo, minus the actual, physical speaker that comes with it.

Just like the Echo, the Amazon Dot is also capable of helping out its users in numerous ways such as giving them assistance in cooking, helping them out with their banking, getting them an Uber, and all other things one could think of asking from an automated assistant.

The Amazon Dot is a lot more affordable than the Echo at $89, but for users looking to have a good speaker but don’t really have one, the best option would be to go for the Amazon Echo itself. Otherwise, there’s never enough reason not to get one. After all, it only costs $179 — a price not half as bad considering all the features that come with it.

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