3200mAh iPhone 6/6s Battery Case

If you’re in need of a battery case for your iPhone 6 or 6s, Sharkk battery case comes with great specs and overall 5 star feedback on Amazon. The Sharkk iPhone 6 / 6s battery case more than doubles your phone’s battery life and with a deal from Amazon, you can grab this piece of kit for only $27. There are battery cases out there with greater battery capacity but they come with their bulk and external powerbanks may not be choice of selection due to their size and practicality.

Battery cases are not only useful and practical but they’re also protective, Sharkk provides 360-degree protection for your iPhone without comprimising its looks and feel. When purchasing any charging accessory for your iPhone, you should always make sure it is ‘Apple MFi certified’ for safety reasons and Apple’s ongoing battle to wipe out accessory makers without certain certification with each and every iOS update could mean that the product you purchase will not be compatible with your Apple device if its not Mfi certified.

Here are specs from the product listing on Amazon:

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