Alto’s Adventure Android Free!

Alto’s Adventure Android version is going to be released on February 11, and unlike the iOS version, it’s going to be a free download.

The popular iOS games is a 2D endless runner that features a snowboarder going down the mountain with beautiful backgrounds and music. You also get to perform stunts as you jump across mountain gaps, rooftops, and more. It is a fun, relaxing game and has mostly received all positive reviews. Some even say it’s the most beautiful game of 2015.

The game was released on iOS in February last year, but will soon be coming to the Google Play Store. Android users have been waiting for this game for a long time, and they’ll finally be able to enjoy it once it’s available for download. It has been a huge success on iOS, so it should do well on Android as well, especially when it’s free-to-play.

Noodlecake Studios has taken the responsibility of porting the game to Android, and users will be able to enjoy the same gameplay and experience, all the same, things as they would on iOS.

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Developer Snowman and its head, Ryan Cash, believe that it wouldn’t be right to make Alto’s Adventure Android version a paid game. One of the main reasons the game is made free on Android, is because of Piracy.

On Android, piracy happens a lot. It’s easier to install a pirated game on Android than on iOS. Here’s what Ryan Holowaty from Noodlecake Studios had to say;

“It made sense to us because of the state of mobile gaming and the reality that the vast majority of players do not pay for games. In addition, Android has a much larger install base than iOS internationally, and games that release in countries like China and Japan are basically free-to-play only at this point. So to really capitalize on the market internationally, it made sense to have a free version.”

When we say the game is free on Android, it means that there will be in-app purchases. You’re going to have to spend some money for in-app purchases if you really want to progress in the game. For example, opting out of video ads and getting extra coins will be charged.

Alto’s Adventure Android version was supposed to make its debut in September last year but was delayed. Finally, on February 11, you’ll be able to download the game on Android via the Play Store. Are you excited for this game?