Alexa is now in the Triby, no longer confined to the Dot and the Echo

While Alexa is not really literally leaving Amazon products Echo and Dot, it appears that the smart digital assistant has now moved to broader horizons by being involved with a third-party device called the Triby.

The move is part of Amazon’s $100 million-Alexa Fund initiative, which vowed to support startups that are hoping to integrate Alexa into their products.

The Triby is the first product outside of Amazon to integrate Alexa, and is a product of a France-based company called Invoxia.

Although this device is technically no longer a new product — as it was initially launched last year — its latest update, which includes Alexa’s voice functionality, makes it the first product outside of Amazon to bear Alexa.

Just like the Amazon Echo, the Triby is an also a smart speaker, but of a lesser gravity.

While both the Amazon Dot and the Amazon Echo were meant to deliver a full-blown entertainment sound system, this puny device is the type that families could magnetically mount to a refrigerator for a little help with their recipes, or for a little bit of listening to the radio.

It also features a 2.9-inch E-ink display, which lets users leave handwritten messages on their refrigerators without the need of a sticky note — or the good old whiteboard.

This tiny device comes in a gray casing, and can be enclosed by protective rubber bumpers that come in blue, red, and yellow. Prices for the Triby start at $199.

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