So what is a task manager, you ask?

Task managers are like the regular household help of your device. It is dedicated to helping you clean after the mess that you may have unknowingly made while enjoying the features of your gadget. A task manager monitors apps that are running in the background and has the ability to kill them off in order to help make your device run faster and its battery life last longer.

Now when we say kill, please note that this only means that the app is merely closing all the other apps running in the background — the purpose of which is to prevent the device from unnecessarily wasting energy and space off of your smartphone or tablet.

None of the apps installed on your device will be completely deleted when the task manager ‘kills’ them off. It merely closes them.

best task manager

Many Android smartphones and tablets, especially the ones manufactured by Korean tech giant Samsung, already come with pre-installed task managers. Users who hope to take advantage of this feature can have access to it with a simple tap of a button. As pictured, many phones and tablets running on Android OS feature a dedicated button for its built in task manager, which is usually the icon that looks like two boxes overlapping each other located at the right-hand corner at the bottom of the screen. A simple touch of this button will show which applications are still currently running in the background. The disadvantage of this app, however, is that it won’t close off the running apps in the background by itself. You will have to open the task manager yourself and manually kill off the apps you no longer wish to use.

The built-in task managers on many Android devices are actually simple to use but offer little help to those looking for something than can get jobs done all by itself.

Thankfully, genius developers have come up with the best task manager apps for Android that can help you sort out your life (and gadgets) by doing most of the things you wouldn’t want to bother doing yourself anymore.

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