The 7 BlackBerry Mobile Apps come as a recognition of the evolving mobile security scenario.

The traditional desk for work is now passé and many people work on the move. This method of working also brings into focus the need for a 3600 security architecture that can support a broad range of connections and devices. Wearable technology and mobility together represent a compelling opportunity. But, it is imperative that businesses can also address the threats that are accelerating exponentially. To enhance the productive of remote workers in quantitative and qualitative terms, enterprises must have the means to replicate the experience of a desktop onto the handheld devices and wearables. And, whatever that means, security should be at the core of it.

BlackBerry Mobile Apps recognizes the evolving scenario

BlackBerry has recognized this evolving scenario and created the BlackBerry Secure as the foundation of its new initiative in enterprise software. BB has designed a suite of powerful apps that can be seamlessly integrated with the existing solutions of your business. These include Skype and Microsoft Exchange for business. These apps work in tandem to streamline all your mobile collaboration to complete work anywhere and anytime – operating from one place.

These apps have been built on the industry leading BlackBerry Dynamics solution for mobile apps security. Together, they will eliminate any threat of information/data leaks and contribute to optimal productivity from your employees. For a close-up view of all the BB apps for security, please go here.

BlackBerry Mobile apps addresses the demand surge

In recent times, there has been a significant surge in the demand for security-focused software, particularly in the wake of rising concerns of electronic eavesdropping, hacking, data theft and surveillance. Further, companies have been transitioning quickly from attempting to secure just a network of Personal computers to a network of mobile devices, more often owned by employees and therefore significantly more vulnerable to security threats.

BlackBerry’s experience and expertise

BlackBerry with its experience spanning over 15 years in making secure mobile phones and devices, has an edge in the evolving space and more so with a strong encryption technology in its arsenal. In 2016 the enterprise mobility management market is at $1.76 billion and is slated to grow to $4.5 billion plus by the year 2020 which translates to a CAGR of 27% or so. However, the overall market size including BlackBerry’s products could be significantly larger.

Further, BB is marketing its products as a security solution for “Enterprise of Things” which encompasses a wide range of devices from computers to smartphones to sensors and vehicles which should help BB expand its target market.