Smartphones are changed every two years, usually when our subscription with the operator expires. Then another question arises – What to do with your old Android phone?

If you have a popular device in your hands, you could sell it through ads or give it as a gift to someone. Other models usually end up thrown at the bottom of a drawer.

However, these are not the only options. Old Android phone could still be useful.


Retro console

Retro console is easy to do if you connect the phone to a TV via Chromecast or micro USB to HDMI converter, and then install some of a large number of emulators for the old consoles like Sega, Nintendo 64 … You could connect your PlayStation controller with it via Bluetooth and you are ready to go!

Fitness Tracker

Almost any phone can become your new fitness tracker. Uninstall all applications and social networks that can interfere with notifications. Keep only apps related to exercise and lots of music.

GPS device

GPS device is becoming a part of standard equipment in new cars, but if you are driving an older model, your old Android phone could be mounted on the carrier. You can use Google Maps (thanks to offline mode it does not need to be connected all the time). In addition, the audio output of the phone can be used as an MP3 player.


Why would you have a classic alarm clock when you can choose among thousands of applications with clocks and alarms on the Google Play Store?

Media player

The same method applies as with retro console – you will need Chromecast or cable to connect the TV to the phone. Or, if you have an old Android phone with a larger screen, turn it into a digital photo frame with the appropriate application.

Surveillance camera

Turn your phone into a surveillance camera with an application that will respond to movement and send you a photo as soon as something is triggered. Of course, you’ll need to think about hiding and protecting your phone from water. Similarly, various applications can turn your phone into a baby monitor.