When it first premiered at the Cannes film festival, ‘You Were Never Really Here’ received a 7-minute standing ovation, which is as strong endorsement of a film as you will get.

Joaquin Phoenix, best known from movies like Gladiator, The Village, Signs, and many others, seems to have outdone himself in a role of a brutal, bedraggled mercenary hired to track down and rescue a missing teenage girl. Like many trailers these days, this one too reveals the plot twist, but in the case of ‘You Were Never Really Here’, the story seems to take a back seat to the actual execution, acting, and exceptional cinematography of the movie.

It definitely looks like a top-notch movie experience from Amazon, so you would be wise to not watch the trailer pass the 50-second mark if you want to retain the element of surprise. The theatric release is expected in April of 2018.