New 2016 Macbook Model

The 2016 MacBook update is apparently happening in the second half of 2016, says new rumor, and will include hardware upgrades, new hinge and bigger displays.

As this is a rumor, we cannot guarantee you of the changes that are expected for the 2016 MacBook lineup. Apple released the slim and light 12 inch MacBook last year in April, so a hardware refresh is definitely on the horizon.

The rumor, which comes from website DigiTimes, says that Apple will update the 12 inch MacBook in the second half of 2016. This website has a hit-or-miss track record, which is why you shouldn’t rely too much on this news.

However, if you’re out to purchase a new 12 inch MacBook, we suggest you wait for a few months. Apple is also said to upgrade the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air lineup. Although we aren’t so sure about the latter.

So what can you expect from the 2016 MacBook lineup? Well, the rumor says that Apple will introduce a new hing design on the 12 inch MacBook that’s made using metal injection molding. Apart from that, a larger display, 14 or 15 inches, has also been reported.

Apple will also use the latest Skylake processors from Intel that are fabricated using a 14nm process. This should help boost performance, graphics and efficiency in the new ultra-portable MacBook.

The MacBook Pro lineup will also see new hardware upgrades sometime this year, possibly during WWDC in June. Apple is also expected to stop the MacBook Air production this year. Or the company could just upgrade the MacBook Air with new innards and sell it as their most basic laptop.

As for when all this is happening, it isn’t very sure yet. The MacBook Pro and Air upgrades should happen during WWDC in June. And if the rumor is true, the update to the MacBook will occur in the second half of 2016.