For quite some time, MovieTube saved millions of users from paying a lot of money just to watch their favorite movies online. But that was all before the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) — which is headed by former US Senator Chris Dodd, decided to file charges against the world’s favorite online movie streaming medium for copyright infringement.

Entertainment giants Columbia Pictures, Disney, Paramount Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal Studios, and Warner Brothers were represented by the MPAA in the civil lawsuit filed in a New York District Court.

The lawsuit accuses MovieTube of providing a service that promotes copyright infringement by actively distributing copyrighted materials, as well as publicly showing them for the purpose of profit and without the express permission of any of the copyright owners of the materials.

Since then, the popular online streaming movie service has reportedly been shut down.

Nevertheless, it was good while it lasted.

Now that MovieTube can no longer cater to movie-loving couch potatoes, many online movie-watching fanatics wonder which online streaming service is the best MovieTube alternative nowadays. Users are scrambling to find a decent enough service that has the potential to replace the top spot where MovieTube once was.

While everyone is still on a quest to find the best online streaming service that works without giving them any problem and without any strings attached, we have decided to come up with a list of the best MovieTube alternatives for all types of operating system platforms: be it iOS, Android, Mac or PC.

Most of the services listed below are for free (or at least as of writing) and require no survey-answering, no signups, and no strings attached. All apps mentioned here can be downloaded to your phones, tablets, and even PC or Mac computers by just using an android emulator software to install APK files.

So, here’s what we’ve gathered so far:

1. Movie Box (for iOS)

Sure, Apple perhaps is one of the biggest anti-piracy advocates in the tech industry, but this doesn’t mean that Apple users can not have the privilege to stream movies online for free. Users of Movie Box can enjoy watching all the latest episodes off of every favorite TV series they have, as well as all the latest movies that the world has to offer. The only problem is the fact that Apple every once in a while conducts a crackdown on possible copyright infringers or violators, which renders many excellent apps disabled time and again.

Check Movie Box

2. ShowBox (for Android)

ShowBox is the Android equivalent of the Movie Box, and it is just as promising as its iOS counterpart. This is because both ShowBox and Movie Box come from the same developers. ShowBox has millions of users around the world and has so many movies and TV series in store for its users to watch. The only problem is that the app is still not (and we doubt it will ever be) available on Google’s Play Store — so users who wish to take advantage of this great app must download Showbox. Ask to install the app on their personal computers, Android cell phones, and Android tablets.

Check Showbox

3. PlayBox HD (for Android/iOS)

PlayBox HD is an app available to both Android and iOS users. This app offers an easy-to-use interface and also has countless of selections of movies online. One of the best features of this app is its ability to download the movies that users prefer to watch offline. PlayBox HD also has many sources of movie subtitles — available in all languages — which makes it possible for non-English speaking users to watch movies through the app with ease.

Check Playbox HD

4. Popcorn Time (for Android/iOS)

The Popcorn app also gives users the convenience to enjoy movies and episodes from their favorite TV series online without having to download file what they hope to watch. This app uses .torrent files that are initially taken by the app to help make the movies or trailers load faster. The only downside to this is that sometimes some security issues are going on with some of the files being streamed onto the app, which means it may not be 100 percent secure at all times.

Apart from the apps mentioned above, there are also other MovieTube alternatives that work just as fine. These can be good alternatives in case the apps we mentioned above stopped working for some reason. Here’s to name a few:

Check Popcorn Tim

5. Corrent

This online movie streaming service has received good reviews from online users. The only problem users seemed to have encountered when using the Corrent service is that it requires them to access the files through their Google Drive accounts. Some users have decided to create an entirely new Google account dedicated solely for the purpose of using this service to eliminate potential security threats.

Check Corrent

6. TubePlus

Using TubePlus is a little more complicated than using your average online streaming service. Users who opt for this service need to use torrents and install a particular player to be able to watch the movie files on their devices. This app, however, is not bad at all if the only thing that matters to you is getting the movies or episodes from your favorite TV shows onto your gadgets, as TubePlus is still able to get the job done.

Check TubePlus

7. Putlocker

This film streaming service is one of those preferred by users who spend much of their time watching movies online as well as regularly lounging in forum discussions like Reddit. Putlocker appears to be working great for those who know the ins and outs of online movie streaming, and is highly recommended by many users on Reddit.


8. Project Free TV

What makes users like this app is that it’s hassle-free. Users who wish to watch their favorite movies and TV shows through this service need not deal with the general signups, credit card requirements, and other “security measures.” It is also highly recommended by users in forum discussions.

Check Project Free TV

9. XMovies8

Also, one of the forum favorites is the XMovies8. What gives this service an edge over all other apps that have something similar to offer is a feature that tells users what video quality is available for them to stream. Users who wish to watch their favorite movies or TV shows at 1080p quality can directly click on the button located at the player’s bottom right part next to the full-screen option, and select 1080p.

Check XMovies8

10. TV Rush

Users hoping to catch the latest episodes of their favorite TV shows will always have TV Rush to run to. Whether it’s just watching one episode or pulling off an entire Game of Thrones marathon that they’d like to do, users can rely on this service to deliver.

TV Rush features a very simple interface that shows upfront that television shows are available for users to watch. The service also features a big enough search box on the topmost part of the page, which offers convenience to those who don’t have the patience to browse through TV Rush’s entire list of TV shows in their database.

The problem is, the first time you click on an episode of your choice, the site automatically redirects you to several other addresses, and — if you’re using an iOS device — ultimately opens up the App Store on your iPhone or iPad, hoping for you to download one of its sponsor apps. This could take much of your patience if you’re not so keen on making a little sacrifice just to watch your favorite TV shows online for free.

Check TV Rush

11. Vidics

Vidics is the movie streaming service counterpart of TV Rush. The service also showcases a very simplified interface that features a special search box right on top of the page. This box gives users the option to narrow down search results by indicating whether they are hoping to find a full film, a short film, a TV show, or a name with the keyword that they enter. If they are unsure, they also have the option to select a more generalized category of film and TV instead.

Vidics indicates clearly on its page the top 100 movies most watched by users, as well as the top 100 most popular shows on its list. Similarly, names of film and TV personalities most searched for in Vidics’ site are also indicated at the bottom of the page.

But just like TV Rush, the problem about this service is that it does require users to signup — and users signing up is redirected to another site where they are told they are entitled to a 7-day free trial of the service if they enter their credit card details.

Make sure to bookmark this page, so you know where to find the best MovieTube alternatives out there, in case you need to look for another one in the future.

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Free MovieTube Alternatives – Updates

Over time, more and more of the best MovieTube alternatives have surfaced on the internet, as app developers scramble to find means to help cater to the needs of the growing number of restless TV and movie fanatics. We went ahead and checked some of them, and we came up with a list of some of the best MovieTube alternatives that we recently tried. Here’s what we found:

12. Niter

One of the best things about Niter is that the service it offers requires absolutely no downloads. All users need to do is type in on their web browser’s address bar, and it’ll take them immediately to the site — where they can watch as many movies as they can handle. The only catch is that clicking on the link that says ‘WATCH NOW’ on this otherwise wonderful service automatically launches an unwanted ad — albeit in a separate window, rendering it harmless. In some cases, users might have to click on that ‘WATCH NOW’ link several times over before the movie of their choosing begins to load. Notwithstanding that slight inconvenience, the movies on Niter are in fact of good quality, and the service is nothing short of excellent.

Check Niter

13. Rainierland

Just like Niter, Rainierland offers a hassle-free, no-strings-attached, entirely free web-based movie-watching service. The most noticeable difference between this service and Niter is that Rainierland is definitely click-bait free, and watching your favorite movie can be as easy as 1,2,3. To experience this beautiful service, just click on the link above.

Check Rainierland

14. Crackle

For users who prefer downloading a specific app for their movie-watching needs instead of launching their devices’ web browser each time, Crackle is easily one of the best choices they could ever find. This app is free to download and requires no monthly payment, no credit card details, no survey-answering, and no strings attached, whatsoever. Users hoping to take advantage of this great service are also in for some sweet treats. Crackle gives free gifts to its loyal users for only watching their favorite movies. Crackle is downloadable on all iOS handheld devices.

Check Crackle

15. Vudu Player

Vudu Player is an app that boasts of its vast array of movies and TV shows to stream and watch online, as well as download and watch offline. This player lets its users view the latest and hottest TV shows that movie and TV lovers can’t even find on Netflix. Users of this service also have the option to manage their movie collection over the player’s website, as well as manage their libraries and download their favorite movies and TV shows through the Vudu Player app. This app is free to download on all iOS handheld devices and is probably the best MovieTube alternative app around.

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Some Paid Alternatives

16. MovieTV

MovieTV is everything you would want your MovieTube alternative to be. No fuzz, no ads, and direct to the point. New movies are made watchable on the site, and you can stream them all for free — which is what makes the service one of the bests.

Check MovieTV

17. Sky HD

Sky HD is an app that can do something most movie-streaming apps and services aren’t able to do — let users watch their favorite movies and TV shows in HD. This app also features an easy-to-use interface, and a wide selection of the latest movies in HD that’s available for its users to stream anytime, anywhere.

The only downside to this otherwise wonderful app, however, is that it’s only currently available for download on Android devices.

18. Hulu

Hulu is an app that does all the job that one would want his chosen MovieTube alternative. Hulu app users can stream their favorite movies and TV shows from the extensive range of selections for the service. Users of the app also have the convenience to create a watchlist of movies that they would want to watch for later, as well as the option to watch these movies on external devices such as TVs or monitors, via Chromecast.

Download Hulu App:

19. Hubi App

Easily one of the best streaming and downloading services being offered on the Android platform, the Hubi app is everything that every movie streaming fan could ever dreamed of. It allows users to stream their favorite movies anytime they want, and download them onto their devices if they prefer to save movies to watch for later. And the best part? It’s totally free.

Download Hubi app for Android

20. Alluc

While Alluc isn’t exactly a streaming service, it offers users the service that most search engines refuse to render — showing search results for actual streaming sites and streaming links. The site gathers data on video hosting links and other streaming-related datas and services, thus making it easier for users to find a usable MovieTube alternative.

Check Alluc

Bookmark this page and keep coming back to check the latest on our best MovieTube alternatives list!

21. Megashare9

Be it the latest movies, the classic ones, or simply the good ones that you were supposed to watch in the theaters but never did, Megashare9 has it all for you.

Equipped with a wide variety of movie compilations, including the most popular and recent titles, Megashare9 is definitely one to look forward to when it comes to your online movie streaming needs.

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