Be the best crime scene investigator that you can be with these Zootopia Crime Files cheats and strategies

With many of the most popular games today having little to do with brain activities and more on just mere reflex, it’s always refreshing to find some fun and challenging ones every once in a while.

Zootopia Crime Files is a hidden object game by Disney, and it’s just as challenging as it is fun to play.

Work side by side with ZPD officers Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps and see just how good you are in working out crime scene investigations.

You can also follow these Zootopia Crime Files cheats and strategies to become an even better investigator than you already are!

Note: Zootopia Crime Files is also known as Zootropolis Crime Files in many countries. Though their titles are different, these games are actually one and the same.


It always feels good to finish every scene in one go, but as you continue to play this game — sooner or later — you will realize that completing the same thing over and over again will actually yield you a lot more benefits than just trying to save time by going the traditional way, which means playing each scene only once before moving forward to the next.

But if you give it a try, you will find that completing the same scene over and over again will actually help you in ways you’ve never thought possible as you get more and more stars each time you play them.

Once in a while, however, you will be forced to investigate new scenes — but this does not mean you can’t go back to completing the same scenes that you keep on completing.

More energy

The more stars you get, the more energy you actually gain. This is because each time you play and replay a scene, you get more stars, and then you get some extra energy along with them. So keep playing and replaying scenes every single chance that you get.


During your first few tries, you might want to choose the help that gives you the most hints. This is because you will need all the hints that you can get during your first few tries in order for you to complete the scene.

As you make progress and actually become better later on, that’s when you might want to switch to more support and lesser hints — this way you get to maximize the things that you ought to be having.


Follow all these Zootopia Crime Files cheats and strategies and then pair it up with a lot of analyzing — you will progress a lot faster this way.

Start analyzing everything that needs analyzing the moment that you start playing, and don’t waste any time analyzing even when you have a task at hand.

The sooner you start analyzing, the sooner it is that you start completing.

Quick on your feet

You have mere seconds to spare before the level actually starts in this game. To make sure that you’re making use of your time in the best way possible, use this extra time of yours to read the things written at the bottom of the screen and find out which items you need so you would know what to find exactly, and you can try to find them immediately.

The sooner you find the items, and the lesser the time interval in between finding each item, the higher your score is in the ending.

Having long intervals in between finding each item will forfeit your bonus, so you might want to find these items in quick successions.

There is, however, one thing that you will want to be having.

It’s important to make sure that no matter how quickly you tap on the items you find, it’s all going to be useless if you don’t tap on the right items at all.

So do your best to be quick, but make sure that you are actually doing things right.

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