How would you rate your daily commute? Taking public transportation or driving your own car are convenient options but can be considered the opposite when you encounter traffic. Thankfully we also have other cool options to get us from point A to point B in style. Some of those that are undeniably ubiquitous these days are e-scooters and e-bikes. If you’re interested to get one soon, you need to check out the Zectron.

With so many options out there, it helps to have unique characteristics to position your product apart from the rest. There’s no shortage of awesome features on the Zectron which are sure to appeal to discerning users. In fact, as of this writing, their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo is already at 2,328% of their original goal with several days left.

About The Zectron

This is a sleek folding e-bike that’s perfect for your daily drive to work or for recreation. The manufacturer engineers everything to deliver ease of storage, safety, security, performance, and style. Moreover, depending on the package you get, the Zectron also promises an impressive range on both electric-only and pedal-assist modes.

Modern Design And Ergonomics

One look at this e-bike and it immediately stands out courtesy of its aesthetics. Instead of your typical frame setup, it’s noticeably missing a down tube and is using an unconventional setup for the bottom bracket, chain stay, and dropouts. A hydraulic shock unit attaches to the swingarm for a smoother experience even over rougher terrain.

Despite all of this, the Zectron remains sturdy and should withstand almost anything you throw its way. To ensure remarkable durability, they’re crafting the uni-body chassis out of magnesium alloy. The metal boasts an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and is usually used on premium devices and more.

It comes in only one size but can accommodate people as short as 5’1” and as high as 6’5” with some adjustments. The riding position is relaxed, which is ideal for longer rides. Then there’s the folding mechanism that allows the Zectron to reduce its physical footprint for storage and transport.

Meanwhile, all wires are threaded through internally for complete freedom of movement. This also organizes all the cables safely within to minimize damage over time.

Technical Specifications And Performance

Now that we’ve given you an overview of its layout, it’s time we find out what this bad boy brings to the table. As noted by the company, the Zectron addresses what most e-bikes neglect – range. However, mileage is not everything which is why it’s also packing a highly capable Bafang brushless hub motor.

Depending on the market, your two-wheeler should ship with either a 350W or a 250W unit. An integrated cadence sensor maintains consistent power. To abide by regulations set by specific regions the speed is limited to 20 mph and 15 mph respectively. The top tube holds a 36V 11.6 Ah (417 Wh) battery.

In level 1 pedal-assist mode, it’s enough for up to 70 miles and up to 35 miles in electric-only. To enjoy more than what the standard version can offer, there’s the optional extra battery which slots under the top tube. It’s also rated at 36V 11.6 Ah (417 Wh) to double those numbers.

The Zectron Folding E-Bike Experience

Riders who wish to get a workout can activate the pedal-only setting. The Zectron ships with a Shimano groupset for an exceptional cycling experience. There’s the thumb shifter with an optical gear display, free-wheel, and rear derailleur. Stopping power comes from the hydraulic brakes on each of its 20” alloy wheels shod in 20” x 2.125” tires.

For a more balanced trip, switch on the pedal-assist and choose from up to five levels. This allows the controller, sensors, and motor to generate just enough force to make it easier on your legs. It’s quite helpful when you want that extra push uphill or just prefer to move at a leisurely pace. Throttle only is likewise available for a fully electric drive around town.

To aid in visibility in the dark, the Zectron is equipped with an LED headlight and taillight with brake light. The former illuminates the path ahead of you as the latter keeps you visible to others at night. The handlebars flank a 3.9” LCD display, while the brakes, twist throttle, and other controls are just within reach to keep your hands firmly on the grips.

If you need to carry the e-bike elsewhere, the handlebar stem folds down, and a hinge at the top tube flips the front section toward the back. It does not require any tools to do so and the rest of its articulating parts remain in place. Overall, the Zectron is as intuitive and seamless as it can get for folding e-bikes.

Our Takeaway

The Zectron is a feature-packed folding e-bike with a level of versatility not many can match. The fact that it can collapse into roughly half its size and quickly deploy with ease is a fascinating selling point. It is available in Lime, Ivory, Bloodstone, Sand, and Bumblebee colorways. Furthermore, there are two Tailored Edition hues: Chameleon and Iridescent.

To get the most out of your ride, here are some handy accessories. If it rains frequently in your area, the front and rear mudguards are a must-have. Next is the rear rack for folks who want to enhance cargo utility. What follows is the GPS anti-theft system – an essential add-on just in case somebody decides to snatch your Zectron. Finally, the Smart Helmet provides head protection, while the rear features directional indicators and brake light.

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