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Auto Fabrica Type 11 Motorcycle

UK-based bike customizer Auto Fabrica has revealed yet another drool-worthy build. Combining sleek, retro-futuristic shapes with serious power, their Type 11 Motorcycle is a head-turner–one that will soon be available for…


‘Turbo Maximus’ Yamaha XJ750 Maxim

You know those types of bikes that look fast even when they’re still? ‘Turbo Maximus’ is exactly that–a restomod masterpiece that combines mechanical excellence with gorgeous, faster-than-a-speeding-ticket vintage looks. Based on a…


Baresteel Yamaha XS650

When Jay Donovan, the 23-year-old sole proprietor of Baresteel Design in Victoria, BC, Canada, was invited to create an entry for the 2017 ‘Motorcycles as Art’ exhibition at the Buffalo…


2018 Yamaha Niken Leaning Multi-Wheeler

Yamaha is set to unleash a real monster onto the roads with their new 3-wheeled Niken motorcycle. Officially labeled a “Leaning Multi-Wheeler” (LMW), the 2018 Yamaha Niken is the direct…


Bunker Custom Yamaha SR400

Foregoing the brazen futuristic stereotypes of movie-inspired war bikes as well as the traditional olive drab or camouflage, Istanbul’s Bunker Custom Cycles discovered a third option – war machine elegant!…

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