Wireless Charger


NIC Wireless Charger

The NIC Wireless Charger powers up your phone without docking so you can bring your phone with you. It comes in two parts: the cube and the USB-powered pad.


Google Pixel Stand for Pixel 3

The Google Pixel Stand does more than wirelessly charge your Pixel 3. It also turns your phone into a personal assistant that gives you the latest news.


E-Fusion Multipurpose Charger

The E-Fusion offers both wireless and cable charging. It powers up five devices at a time. It is also a power bank that provides 50 percent power.


Nomad Base Station Charging Pad

The Nomad Base Station can power up four devices simultaneously. Two can charge wirelessly on the pad while the other two via the USB-A and USB-C PD port.


Things Hybrid Charger

Things Hybrid Charger features a retractable cable underneath its frame. It offers wired and wireless charging and powers up devices in 35 minutes.


Plux Wireless Fast Charger

The Plux wireless charger powers Apple products simultaneously in one place. It juices up devices 33 percent faster than standard wireless chargers.

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