Volterman Smart Wallet

Built-in Powerbank. Distance Alarm. Global GPS Tracking. Worldwide WiFi Hotspot. Anti-Thief Camera. All packed inside an elegant, classic leather wallet. Available as a bifold, travel folder or cardholder, the smart wallet…


Pioneer Flyfold Wallet

The Pioneer Flyfold Wallet is waterproof and machine-washable. It uses Future Form technology to make this EDC still look new even after several uses.


Hands-On: Mr. Lentz Leather Wallet

San Diego, California-based Mr. Lentz is a one-man operation that handcrafts beautiful leather wallets built to last through heavy use. I was lucky enough to receive one of his creations…


Deluxe Bacon Wallet

Bacon needs no introduction! It’s like the Michael Jordan of food–unrivaled by anything. Besides its heavenly smell and taste, you could also argue bacon is a bliss to the eye.…


The Micro Wallet

After achieving massive success with their origami-inspired, eco-friendly and ultra-durable artsy wallets, the folks at Paperwallet are back at it with their slimmest and strongest design yet–The Micro Wallet. Made…


Hands-on: Ridge Titanium Wallet

There’s a horde of minimalist wallets available on the market today, all promising to eliminate the bulk in your pocket and keep your cash and cards secure.  While most of…


Hands-on Review: 3C Carbon Card Clip

There are hundreds of minimalist wallets out there but they all use either multiple pieces, rubber bands, elastic straps and velcros, fasteners, or other mechanisms that actually defeat the concept…


Trayvax Element Wallet

They call it “tough enough for the job site, sleek enough for date night,” and while we’re not sure about its abilities to make you look more attractive, it’s safe…


Arrow & Board Leather Wallets

Individually handcrafted with care, the Arrow & Board Leather Wallets ($27+) belong to a kind of goods that are hard to find nowadays, where top quality and durability raise above mass-producing…

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