Signal Corps BoomCase

Annoyed with always having to buy 12 “D” batteries for his BoomBox (which didn’t sound that great), the guy behind the BoomCase company decided to build his own.  Six years later,…


2017 DeLorean DMC-12

Hard-core ‘Back to the Future’ fans are probably getting ecstatic hearing this news.  The DeLorean Motor Company has finally received the green light to make a limited number of the…


Unibro Design Automotive Furniture

Austria-based Unibro Design studio specializes in giving new life and use to vintage car parts & tools, transforming them into eye-catching Automotive Furniture ($Inquire) with a story. The company offers unique pieces…


Bremont Jaguar MKIII Watch

What happens when two reputable British firms collaborate together to create a timepiece? The Bremont Jaguar MKIII Watch ($4,850)- that’s what happens.  And then, they probably sit down and have…


Otor Electric Bike

One of the coolest e-bicycles we’ve seen lately, the Otor Electric Bike ($2,900) combines vintage looks with modern day technology, to deliver a means of transport that is suited for both…


Rusted Jeep Terra Crawler

When you move away from the flat road and into the more hilly terrain, you need the right vehicle for the job.  And that’s exactly what the Rusted Jeep Terra Crawler ($NA)…


Bronx Crank Desk

The Bronx Crank Desk ($15,795+) is a super-manly piece of furniture, that will add an original touch to your office, and impress your clients.  It’s a table on steroids, making…

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