Gibbs Terraquad UTV

The Gibbs Terraquad conquers both land and water with ease relying on the brand’s proprietary High Speed Amphibious (HSA) technology.


Nikola NZT

A few months ago, we had our first look at the Nikola NZT and now we’ve got confirmation that this UTV indeed exceeds expectations. The vehicle impressively features 722 lb-ft…


Nikola Zero Electric UTV

Salt Lake City’s Nikola Powersports has just completed the design work for what they are hoping will be the most powerful production-ready Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) in the world.  The…


2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 UTV

Whether rough trails are part of your everyday work environment, or just weekend fun, we’ve got some exciting news for you. There’s a new mud-tearing vehicle in town, and power…

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