Origin Treehouse Hotel

Constructed around a 100-year-old oak tree in Raray, France, the Origin Treehouse was created as a functional and comfortable hotel room that offers an intimate connection with nature and stunning treetop…


Casa Quebrada Treehouse

Set along a creek, close to Curacaví, Santiago (Chile), the Casa Quebrada is elevated on slanted poles and accessed via a bridge walkway with trees growing through its deck. From…


The 7th Room Treehotel

Norwegian architectural and design firm, Snøhetta, has just completed the picturesque 7th Room Treehotel  ($1,340/night) in northern Sweden.  While modeled on a traditional Nordic cabin, the 7th Room is anything but…


Woodman’s Treehouse

The idea of living among the branches of a tree touches a visceral part of the human psyche.  This ‘Woodman’s Treehouse’ ($380/night) in West Dorset, England, offers a luxury take on…


Playa Viva Sustainable Resort in Mexico

The best vacation getaways will take you completely out of the ordinary day-to-day ways of seeing the world. This unique luxury “treehouse” suite will help even your vacation downtime be…


Treehouse Blue Mountains

If you ever find yourself somewhere North-West of Sydney Australia and looking for an idyllic place to stay, you should contact Lionel Buckett in Bilpin, New South Wales.  For over…

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