Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept

According to Mai Takeuchi, product planner for Toyota, the company needs a new, small SUV for sale in Japan, that would appeal to a younger market than those traditionally able…


Toyota GR HV Sports Concept

Running your eyes over the Toyota GR HV Sports Concept, one can see the evolution of the sports automobile of the future in this hybrid fusion. Displayed at the 2017…


Legacy Overland BJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser

Legacy Overland of Greenwich, Connecticut has spent decades refining the process of improving and restoring classic off-road vehicles.  Their latest build, set to be auctioned at Bonham’s next month, is…


Toyota HiLux Tonka Concept

Australians love the Toyota HiLux so well they made it the top-selling vehicle down-under last year. Celebrating that success and coupling it with Toyota’s 80th birthday and Tonka’s toy trucks…

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