Bosch PS11 Angle Drill Driver

Struggle no longer with tight spaces and challenging angles when you're trying to drill a hole. The Bosch PS11 Angle Drill Driver features an articulating chuck to meet your needs.


The AutoAdvance Hammer

The AutoAdvance Hammer is an economical take on the nail gun, but it’s probably more fitting to call it a serviceable alternative to the tool. Design-wise, it’s less bulky and rugged-looking than your everyday nail gun, and much more portable, too. But what truly sets it apart is the fact that it doesn’t require electricity to work.


Knnox Lighter

The designers from Knnox created a remarkable product that stands out from the rest. The London-based company takes the humble lighter and re-engineered it to hopefully last a lifetime. Unlike conventional models that produce their flame in an upright position, the unique design allows owners to use it sideways.


Nautilus Power Drill

Conventional power tools for underwater conditions often rely on compressed air to function. However, the long tube that connects to an overhead compressor on the surface means that movement is sometimes limited. The Nautilus, created by Designers Alexander Kaula and Andreas Schmidt, aims to remove some of the restrictions and challenges imposed by underwater work.



WD-40 needs no introduction. Ever since its formula has been discovered 60 years ago, this mother of multi-purpose lubricants has been proven to be useful for many different applications. To…


Moasure ONE Motion Measure Tool

Moasure ONE is the world’s first motion measure tool. Instead of using string, laser or tape, this 21st-century tool utilizes the power of motion–the same technology found in rocket guidance…


Bowley 543 High Security Padlock

If you need a big, strong and ultra-secure lock that is reasonably priced, this is it. The Bowley 543 High-Security Padlock is built with a complex technology which is considered…


Bosch Easycut Nanoblade Mini Chainsaw

The new Bosch EasyCut NanoBlade Mini Chainsaw is perfect for getting done exterior and interior sawing jobs, both quickly and precisely. The handy little cordless tool allows for sawing free…


Makita CM501D Coffee Maker

Almost as tough as the Coffeeboxx, the Makita CM501D Coffee Maker is a rugged java maker designed for worksites. Even better, it uses the same rechargeable Li-ion, slide-type batteries found…


Milwaukee M12 Cordless Tire Inflator

Milwaukee’s M12 Cordless Tire Inflator is the world’s first compact inflator capable of filling a light truck tire from “0 to full” on a single battery, and can top-off a…


Kusonkey Universal Socket

The clever Kusonkey Universal Socket reduces the number of tools in your toolbox and saves yourself the hassle of having to chase down different size sockets to get the job done.…


Ledr Universal Tool Roll

The father & son creative team at Onehundred have successfully launched such unique and useful everyday products as the Qbit Measuring Tool and the CoDi Dice in the past, and…

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