Persol Tailoring Edition Sunglasses

Since 1917, Italian eyewear brand Persol has been making technically advanced glasses, designed to satisfy the demands of pilots, sports drivers, and regular Joes like us who appreciate comfort, protection,…


Dom Vetro SS18 Sunglasses

Dom Vetro, the first eyewear manufacturer in the history of Los Angeles (established in 2016), has just unveiled the SS18 collection–a line of gorgeous classic shades, entirely handmade in the…


Sunski SEACLIFFS Sunglasses

Coming from the makers of “comfy sunglasses that fit like a glove and won’t slide around when you’re doing fun stuff,” the Sunski SEACLIFFS are the most lightweight and versatile…


Messyweekend Sunglasses

Danish startup MessyWeekend is looking to disrupt the global eyewear market, offering designer-quality shades at a quarter of the price big brands usually charge. Manufactured in the same Asian factories…


Vuarnet Ice Sunglasses

France-based Vuarnet has been making high-quality mineral sunglasses since 1957, and their latest collection doesn’t disappoint. Boasting a very durable build and stylish design, the Vuarnet Ice Sunglasses are the…


Vuarnet Nightlynx Sunglasses

One can hardly call a pair of tinted glasses made to be worn at night ‘sunglasses’ but after 60 years of protecting eyes from harmful levels of sunlight, Vuarnet has…


Pacifico Optical Blair Sunglasses

At first glance, you might mistake Pacifico Optical’s Blair Sunglasses ($120) as being of Italian origin.  That supposition can be understood as the homegrown Australians on Bondi Beach use cellulose acetate…


Ray-Ban Outdoorsman Craft Sunglasses

Keeping up with the styles of summer, Ray-Ban has just dropped a new iteration of their iconic Aviator Outdoorsman sunglasses.  The Ray-Ban Outdoorsman Craft ($190) has been given a full…


Oakley Carbon Prime MotoGP Sunglasses

Oakley shades are designed for extreme(-ish) sports and the new Carbon Prime MotoGP Sunglasses  ($TBA) clearly reflect that.  Not only built for bikes, they even incorporate bike design into the…

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