Smart Diving D-Mask Concept

While just a concept, for now, the Smart Diving D-Mask is a high-tech device that offers a glimpse into the future of snorkeling and deep-sea scuba diving. Boasting a full-face…


Fliteboard Electric Hydrofoil

The Fliteboard Electric Hydrofoil is a thrill-inducing watercraft that can reach maximum speeds of 25 mph, allowing you to fly quietly above the water. Best of all, it doesn’t require…


BotBoxer Robotic Punching Bag

If you want to improve the technique and speed of your punches, shadowboxing and bag work may help but not as much as training with the BotBoxer. This is the world’s…


KEEGO Squeezable Metal Bottle

KEEGO is the world’s first squeezable metal bottle! Why would you need something like this? Well, it allows for one-handed, fast and precise drinking, while keeping your water pure and…


Aqua Punching Bag

Allowing boxers to hit harder and for longer while being easy on their hands and joints, the Aqua Punching Bag puts traditional heavy-bags to shame. Now you can learn how…


Salomon S/Lab Shift Alpine Ski Binding

Wouldn’t it be great if you had one piece of equipment serving to fulfill multiple roles, without compromising safety and efficiency? If you are into skiing, the Salomon S/Lab Shift…


EZ Ice Rink

Building your own ice-skating rink has just gotten easy as pie thanks to the EZ Ice Rink. Everything you need to get your backyard rink set up (in 60 minutes…


Burton Olympic NASA Snowboard Uniform

The 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang are just around the corner (Feb. 9–Feb. 25) and the US team will be wearing clothing and gear that is sure to impress, and possibly…


Mako Slingshot Jetboard

Boasting a compact carbon-fiber body designed by naval engineers, and a two-stroke engine, this sleek board tops 30 mph for about 40 minutes.


Quiet Punch Doorway Boxing Bag

While a punching bag is a great way to exercise, build strength, and improve cardiovascular function, they are usually relegated to the gym because of their size and weight. Quiet…

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