Taiga TS2 Electric Snowmobile

Touted as “the first electric snowmobile in history capable of outperforming the best combustion snowmobiles while being vastly more efficient,” the Canadian-made Taiga TS2 is a truly revolutionary vehicle. With…


Salomon S/Lab Shift Alpine Ski Binding

Wouldn’t it be great if you had one piece of equipment serving to fulfill multiple roles, without compromising safety and efficiency? If you are into skiing, the Salomon S/Lab Shift…


Zai & Moncler Grenoble Skis

The new mashup between mountaineering brand Moncler and the expert Swiss ski manufacturer Zai is a limited edition ski that provides extremely durable performance and stability worthy of both professional…


+Winter heated insoles

Swiss brand +t has just made the cold season a lot better on your feet.  Possibly the thinnest warming insoles on the market, the +Winter Heated Insoles ($98) are also waterproof…


Dominator Track System

As an experienced off-road aficionado, you’re probably familiar with those kits that allow replacing your truck’s wheels with a set of 4 tank treads for tackling any terrain. The Dominator…

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