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Akita Cyber-Shield Home Station

From appliances to surveillance cameras, almost every device in your home is Internet-connected these days, which is great and convenient. But this also means evil hackers can have various windows…


Mycroft Mark II A.I. Assistant

Described as “the open answer to Amazon Echo and Google Home,” the Mycroft Mark II is a voice-operated A.I. assistant that keeps your personal data private, doesn’t sell you products,…


Gate Smart Lock

In an ever faster world, needing to be in two places at once is becoming normal.  At least with the new (and highly praised by the media) Gate Smart Lock you…


Sesame Smart Lock

Keys, wallet, phone. These are the 3 essentials that every guy grabs when leaving the house. Unless your door has a Sesame Smart Lock ($100,00). Then you can just leave…

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