Guardbot Surveillance Robot

Although still in development, Guardbot offers a glimpse into what the near future of mobile surveillance may look like. This ground-breaking, rugged Surveillance Robot can be your eyes and ears…


Honda 3E-D18 Robotic Workhorse

The Honda 3E-D18 is an autonomous pack mule that will be useful for a variety of mundane tasks such as carrying goods, plowing snow and performing farming duties. This AI…


Aire Self-Flying Robot

Aevena Robotics has created the world's first aerial robotic assistant for personal home use. The Aire is a self-flying robot security camera that lets you keep an eye on things while you're away, but it also packs other tricks up its sleeve.


Piaggio Gita Cargo Bot

US-based Piaggio Fast Forward, the new branch of the Italian company that makes Vespa scooters, is posed to launch its first product this week.  The Piaggio Gita Cargo Bot is…


Kobi Yard Robot

As technology advances, the home appliances we have available are increasingly exciting and complex.  Modular construction allows advanced multitasking with only a little effort to switch attachments.  A case in…

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